The run away pig

Bacon was a pot bellied pig he lived in a pen on Ballybricken. Bacon escaped from his pen because of all the children poking at him. So, what lies ahead of Bacon he ran down Patrick’s Street, his owner chasing him with a pitchfork, he passed De La Salle school to cheers  from the children they yelled “run bacon run”. Bacon ran on to the bus and sat next to a priest and he said “oh holy pig ” and he blessed himself.  The bus drove the pig back to where he started. Bacon was home safe and sound from then on Bacon was loved by all .

7 thoughts on “The run away pig”

  1. I loved the your story about the part when his owner was chasing him with a pitchfork
    great story keep it up.
    by collins

  2. Brilliant story Josh. What a very clever name for your pig! I could just visualise the pig running past the school and all the boys shouting after it. Fantastic story.

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