The Professors purple crocodile

Once there was a twisted professor that was messing around with different shades of purple with a few animal D.N.A . But it went wrong when he tripped and fell dropping one purple shade and a ancient crocodile egg but the lucky injured professor the egg landed on his chair but so did the purple shade capsule and spilt on the egg bringing it back to live. But still the injured professor was having a difficult time walking so he called 911 the ambulance they pick him up and drove to the hospital and quicky removed the broke bone. 5 months later… the ancient crocodile egg hatchs it goes on a rapepage distroying every thing after an hour it found a way out but it was a trap the ancient crocodile fell in a lave pool and died …..the end.


2 thoughts on “The Professors purple crocodile”

  1. Wow Faustas – what a stroke of luck that there was a lava pool right there!! I imagine that our world of 2017 must have been very frightening for the crocodile. No wonder he went on a rampage! Good work this week, well done!

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