Wk 4: The Professors impossible escape

The professor looked in at the vault and saw a puppy.And the dog was wearing glasses.But they weren’t regular glasses they were advanced google glasses.Next the professor thought it was just a normal puppy after that he petted the puppy.And as soon as he petted the puppy it ran and closed the door shut.He raged in disbelief And shouted “HELP PLEASE IM STUCK IN THE VAULT”said the professor.The professor was very¬† irritated.But then heard this big drop sound and it was the spy He said angrily.”DARN IT STUPID DOG”.After that the spy said”you got bitten by a puppy it was a robotic project I made”.Then the professor went to jail and it all ended there.

7 thoughts on “Wk 4: The Professors impossible escape”

  1. In early this week with your story Carrington! A robotic puppy sounds like a really cool idea – I wonder if a real life scientist might come up with something like that one day? Well done on writing a great story!

  2. Hi Carrington I love the way you raged in disbelief great story keep up the great work Carrington

    -Ben Q

  3. Hi Carrington,

    I like the way the professor was desperate for help and I hope you write more.

    From Fortune in Mr.Russell’s class

  4. Interesting take on a science project… Definitely different from anything else i’ve seen on this site, good job!

  5. Hey Carrington!! I really enjoyed your piece and how you used strong juicy words. Did you know that people often get stuck in places. I once have put glasses on my dog and she looked really funny. Something you can improve on is not putting uppercase letters randomly in your story when there is no period , exclamation point and ect. Over all I loved your piece!!
    Hayley , from Illinois
    Please check out my blog—https://kidblog.org/class/rays-1718-am-rockstars/posts?author=aiskjm741jqfk8j0emeli02k2&status=published&status=review&status=draft

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