The professor with the purple crocodile

Once there was a professor who loved to invent new things.Everyday he would make new things.but once it went very wrong. A purple crocodile he shouted he went out side and shouted run to the people there is a purple crocodile run for your life. So they all ran for there life’s the professor said it is going to be a difficult day to get the crocodile.But the crocodile sneaked up on himgrabbed his leg as the crocodile rapped spun and twisted the professors leg the FBI came .The professor shouted finally shout him ok thank you so muck and he never greeted anything again end

5 thoughts on “The professor with the purple crocodile”

  1. Wasn’t the professor lucky that the FBI came to rescue him, Thomas! He could have been in a very sticky situation otherwise! I hope he thinks twice before he invents anything like that again! Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Thomas! Thank you for posting on the 100 Word Challenge this week. There was a bit of tension there as the reader wondered what on earth was going to become of the Professor! Glad he was freed in the end! I really liked your first three sentences which pulled the reader into your story. You had a very good hook with the ‘But once it went very wrong.’ A very enjoyable story. Well done. Be proud!
    Mrs. T. (100 Word Team)
    Wiltshire, U.K..

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