professor clington

One day professor clington was teaching his class. He was teaching about animals and there natural habitats. He told the children to make up there own imaginary animals. One person wrote about a flying crocodile. It’s natural habitat is stealing purple towels. And eating dirty nasty horrendous stinky socks. Professor clington was shocked by the child’s animal. Another little boy wrote about a animal called the big nosed buffalo. It’s natural habitat is to kill people that are ugly for good. The teacher was so supped that he ran around the class and twisted his ankle and fell in such a difficult way that anyone could fall in.

2 thoughts on “professor clington”

  1. There were some great imaginations at work in that class Benjamin! A flying crocodile is both interesting and terrifying at the same time! I hope the professor realised that he shouldn’t have run around the class – his ankle will surely remind him the next time he thinks about doing it! Keep up the good work 🙂

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