The Prince Fine Life

The was once a king called Venus that had a wife that was very young and her name was Annoyia.

13 years later the king’s son George,had to marry the king’s wife. On the
wedding day George was smiling until he saw the wife’s face that she was ugly.
After the wedding George took Annoyia to a tall hill then George pushed Annoyia
after he pushed her he went back to the ground and saw red on the ground and it was not paint.So what lies ahead,George was very happy then he married a beautiful girl called Precious.

6 thoughts on “The Prince Fine Life”

  1. Fortune, this story made me laugh. I thought when I read the first line, it said the King’s wife was called ‘Annoying’….
    Poor George – having to marry an ‘older lady’. He obviously wasn’t having any of that was he? I’m glad there was such a happy ending for Prince George.

  2. Oh dear Fortune, it sounds like the Prince was only happy after a tragedy with Annoyia. What a shame. Not all stories are light and happy all the way through of course. I wonder when and where your story was set? Could it be in the olden days and times of knights and castles? Since we still have princes and kings, queens and princesses, perhaps it could be in modern times?
    I do like that you gave your characters names. That really helps me to imagine what they’re like.
    Well done and keep rising to the Challenge.

  3. Hi fortune. nice story. I like the part where he married the lovely girl. It reminds me of the film whats up. what happened when he pushed her. goodbye for now Adam

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