president by shane

Once there was a city called Mauve city .One night there was an election underway.The man they all loved was MR.Steel Carrots . The man they all hated was MR.Farts because she smells like farts .So you can all guess Mr.Stell carrots has now been allected for president.But Mr.Farts had known he wasnt going to be allected so under the building was a gas tank that smelled like farts.Which MR.Farts put there to knock out everyone in the building for 1000 years so he could be president but he turned very tearful because he got arrested for murder so el macho taco is now president and made everyone Mexican.

3 thoughts on “president by shane”

  1. I loved the story, 1. Because there was a taco (I love Tacos)
    2. Because I like the name Mr.Carrots,
    and the best one, The name Mr.Farts.

    I hope you continue to publish posts like this.

  2. El Macho Taco! What a brilliant name, Shane! I think we shouldn’t tell a certain other president that the El Macho Taco made everyone Mexican!! Good work, well done!

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