the prank gone wrong

It was a hot summers day at the Adams house the father and the mother    leave there 2 kids alone with a big bucket of neat things. The youngest child Billy is trying to prank his brother buy putting the bucket of neat things on an open door and he waits till his brother walks along and asks him to get something from the room. His brother opens the door and the bucket tips spilling all over the floor but billy got the wrong bucket it was his toy bucket.Suddenly all his toys shatter billy was devastated. And his brother was dyeing laughing while billy was crying in the corner.


13 thoughts on “the prank gone wrong”

  1. Hi Caoilan,
    I like when he realise’s that he put the wrong bucket. It reminds me of a cartoon that I watched when I was really small. I wonder what happens next.
    Goodbye for now Naglis.

  2. Hi Caoilan I like the way he put the wrong bucket and then it didn’t work. It reminds me of a movie I watched. What happend when the mom and dad came. Goodbye for now Marc

  3. Hi Caoilan.
    Your story was very good.
    I liked the part when Billy was crying in the corner.
    Why was Billy crying?
    Goodbye for now Mikolaj.

  4. Hi.I really liked when the toys fell on the ground and he was crying.How did you make up that story?Bye for now.Wojciech

  5. Do you know what Caoilán – I feel sorry for Billy that his toys were shattered and yet it is a situation all his own making! Maybe he’ll think twice before trying to prank someone again…. Another great story, well done!

  6. Hi Caoilan, It’s hard not to feel that Billy brought this all on himself. I do kind of feel a little bit sorry for him though. I hope he learned his lesson!

  7. I liked your writing but any number lower then ten is suppose to be spelled out in words.Other then that it was really good!!

  8. I like the way you said it was a different bucket it was really funny.

    From Fortune in Mr.Russell’s class

  9. Hi Caoilan!
    I like how you were descriptive in the first couple sentences.
    where do the boys in the story live?
    I’ve read a story that looks like yours.
    work on your transitions.
    come check out my blog!

  10. I really like the way, you explained that Billy had the wrong bucket, and he was crying in the corner. ((; You should go check out my class’s blog. Mine name is LaTyla.♥

  11. Hi Caoilán,
    I wonder what the neat things Billy and his brother were left with. I enjoy playing pranks myself, so I really feel for Billy and how his prank didn’t turn out so well! Great story. It’s a good reminder for me to take care when pulling pranks.
    Sina Tupou
    Wellington, NZ
    POut (Team 100)

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