Pokemon Adventures pt 2 by Brian

Now that Brian and Jack had finally caught Ditto the transforming Pokemon,they were on there way to Kanto to challenge the champion Maksim but they had heard news that he had been defeated and now the champion is Ryan. While they were talking, a legendary Pokemon Dialga the temporal Pokemon appeared and took them to show them all of time and Brian looked in front and behind.Which way he thought as he saw all of time pass by him, Dialga brought them to a time where they saw their future selves and in the vision they saw each other battling each other in the champion’s arena. And when they came back they realised that only one of them can be the champion. TO BE CONTINUED[CHECK OUT PART PLEASE]

7 thoughts on “Pokemon Adventures pt 2 by Brian”

  1. Well done, Brian, on working the prompt in and still finding a way to get a Pokemon story in this week! I must admit I’m a little lost with all these Pokemon… there’s just so many of them and then they evolve too. I can’t keep up! Good work this week, well done 🙂

  2. Hi Brian, I know from your previous stories, that you’re a huge Pokemon fan. Unfortunately, I’m still at a loss to understand the whole phenomenom! In saying that, you did a fantastic job of telling the story and including the prompt.

  3. Hi Brian,
    I can see that your are a huge Pokemon fan. I know some of the names as my son is a massive fan too. He’s always reading about Pokemon!
    I like how you have used the prompt in your story.
    Keep up the great writing.
    Ms Brennock

  4. Hi Brian
    I really like how you use prompt this week and I also love that you’re writing about something that you know about – I’ve often heard that a good writer writes about what they know so well done. Your story is very fast paced and has lots of details in it. I also see that this is part two and your opening lines make me want to go back and see what happened before this. This is a great piece of writing – keep up the good work
    Ms O’Keeffe
    Team 100 WC
    Galway Ireland

  5. Well done Brian it was a very good piece of work I loved how you used the promt.I enjoyed reading it even though I am not a huge Pokemon fan. I liked it that you done a bit about the future as well.

    By Kayleigh FBPS ????

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