POKEMON ADVENTURES part one by Brian

Brian is training to become a Pokemon master. Along with his friend Jack they dreamed of defeating the champion Maksim,in Kanto. Then one day a Pokemon trainer named Gary, he told them  that there was an easy way to beat the champion, was to catch a ditto the, transforming Pokemon.So Brian and Jack went off to to travel to Unova to catch him. And there he was in the abandoned lab when they turned round it changed shape in to their Pokemon! And finally after battling and trying to catch him he split in two [but was still alive]so Brian and Jack both caught him. So then they both set off on their journey to Kanto.                                                                                                         TO BE CONTINUED

4 thoughts on “POKEMON ADVENTURES part one by Brian”

  1. Well done Brian. I enjoyed your Pokemon Themed story this week.
    I hope Brian now manages to defeat the champion Maksim.
    Keep up the great work.
    Mrs Boyce

  2. To Brian,
    I liked your story .I don’t know about pokemon. But I can see where you gone with your story.
    Keep up the good work.

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