The Paris Saint Germain Dream by Eoin

One day,I went to Paris on holidays.I loved playing football and my dream was to play for Paris Saint Germain. The next day,I was at a PSG match,and at half time,there was a competition,and the first person to hit the crossbar could play the second half for PSG!I was the first up, I looked in front and behind,which way do I kick the ball?I was so nervous I was confused, I didnt know what to do.I kicked the ball, and much to every ones surprise, I hit the crossbar! (PSG went one to win the league that year.)

3 thoughts on “The Paris Saint Germain Dream by Eoin”

  1. Hi Eoin
    Good story!
    I love Soccer too!
    How did you feel when you hit the crossbar?
    By Calum
    Mrs.Boyces Class

  2. What a fantastic dream Eoin! Maybe you should go to a PSG game… maybe your dream might come true! I hope that you won a nice prize for hitting the crossbar 😉 Keep up the great writing!

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