hurling by Niall

we were playing ballygunner in gracedieu. we got the first point and i thought well what a start. ballygunner got the next one then before i knew it  was over over we lost.The next match was against Tramore in Tramore We won.We played Mount Sion next in Gracedieu we won buy a lot.We were told we would play Mount Sion next in the semi final we won but but not by as much we are now in the final. we will play Ballygunner in the final on saturday in Welsh park.

El Classico 1000 by Evan

Today I woke up.  I was so excited because Real Madrid were playing Barcelona for their 1000th time. They were playing up in space and I thought, Well what a start! So i turned on the TV, and settled on the couch for the kick off

In the first minute Real Madrid scored. At half time the score was 1- nil. Barcelona tipped off when Messi ran passed the team and scored. All square now, when Ronaldo gets the ball but Messi intercepts and goes for an overhead kick. The ball hits off a spaceship and rockets into the top corner.

The End 2-1!!


It was  Chelsea vs Manchester Utd.Chelsea were 1-0 down after 30 seconds and I thought “well well what a start” .Then after ten minutes Hazard played the ball through to Diego Costa he R.K.O’d the first defender he kicked another one in the face.He ran on to spear  the goal keeper and he scored.It was 1-1.The crowd was so loud but then it went quiet…..It was a penalty to Man Utd.Rooney took the shot he hit the crossbar the crowd cheered YES !!! The goalkeeper cleared the ball  Willian was running toward the goal and then the defender slipped Willian ran through and Willian scored.Chelsea won.THE END.

€1 Day in Tramore “by J.J.”

It was €1 day in Tramore Amusement Park. I went out with my friends and their parents. The weather was not good, it was cloudy and dull and i thought well what a start. My friends and I went on the Waltzers first but my friend Alex got sick all over Alyssa who was sitting next to him then Alex had to go home….

Next my friend Conor and I went on the roller coaster, there was a loop the loop and it was the best roller coaster I ever went on in Ireland. Then   we went on the Future Dance,that ride goes round and round up and down. Later on we got chips….


The Chicken Dream By Habib

I woke up in the morning and I went downstairs.And I saw a lot of chicken on the table. So I went upstairs to the bathroom to have a shower.And I saw chicken everywhere and I thought well what a start.Then I went outside and saw more chicken.Then I started running and then I looked back and saw chicken chasing me.I kept on running and more came.And then two huge chicken legs started chasing me.And then I kept on running.But one chicken leg was about to crush me.And then… I woke up and said to myself phew it was all a dream.

the war of 2123 by dylan

We were awoken by a noise. I got out of bed and ran to Lennons dorm and told him “come quick we need to get out of here sam is waiting at the center so we can escape” I said. Suddenly my phone rang it was sam. “Don’t come to the center it was blown up ill meet you at the space station” said sam. And i thought what a start to the day. We ran to the space station and got in a shuttle though the engine would not start. I call my cousin lexi who rushes over and fixes the engine and then me,lennon,sam and lexi fly to earth and escape the war. And live happily ever after. Or did we. Just kidding. Or am I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Get ready……… a whole new bunch of authors are about to bring 100wc to life for 2016/2017! Come back and check it out from September 7th!

100wc Emerald Tour

Well. Where do you start! Julia visited our class (and our school) in April 2016 to talk to us all about the 100 Word Challenge.

Julia arrived early on the Friday morning, and we were all hugely excited to see her! (It would have been even better had I gotten the coffee that I had promised but we’ll gloss over that) Julia spoke to our 5th Class about writing, reading, spelling, and how it is important to just write. You can always go back and fix spellings. But Julia stressed the importance of reading. Reading to expand your vocabulary. Reading to open your mind. Reading for enjoyment. Reading to give you ideas for writing. When Julia spoke, everyone – literally everyone – listened intently. Julia speaks so passionately about the importance of writing that you can’t help but listen. She also spoke about the different types of prompts, which are her favourites – and in a wonderful move, asked our class which types that we prefer and why. Some very interesting answers from that!

After that, Julia spoke to 2 other classes who were just starting out on their 100wc journey, before we all walked the short distance to meet with Ms Whelan’s Class at Mount Sion Primary School, where a 100wc workshop would be held. Unbeknownst to Julia, what had begun as a visit to 19 pupils in our class had kind of ballooned, and, as we entered the hall, despite knowing the numbers we were gathering for this, the sight of 200 boys waiting to hear Julia speak and give some tips on writing was truly overwhelming. But what a sight – 200 boys in a hall, to hear how they could improve their writing and get ideas for coming up with stories. Julia spoke to everyone about 100wc, again emphasising the importance of writing, writing for enjoyment and for an audience, not to write in some copy that would end up on a dusty shelf. Writing for enjoyment, and writing to see that work read by others, commented on by others, recommended for the weekly showcase by others.

And that is the appeal of 100wc. The reading, the commenting, the recommendations are BY OTHERS. As a young writer for 100wc, you KNOW your writing is being read. You KNOW that you are getting real comments. You KNOW that your writing is enjoyed by others and valued by other writers and readers.

When we returned to St. Stephen’s, our class interviewed Julia about 100wc. The class decided on the questions themselves, and asked them and recorded them for broadcast on our class radio station. Julia, as she had been the whole day, was fantastic and again exuded passion for writing. That interview can be heard here:

There’s also the very welcome side effect of partnering up with other schools. For the 100wc Emerald Tour, we worked with Mount Sion Primary School to plan the day. On, we have several partner classes that we trade comments with each week. That means that every pupil who submits a story gets at least one comment. EVERY pupil. EVERY week. You can’t replicate that kind of validation of your writing in a closed classroom setting.

Thinking of taking on the 100 Word Challenge? Stop thinking. Just do it. You won’t look back. You won’t regret it. And you will see interest in writing for enjoyment grow, you will see standard of writing increase. And you will wonder why you weren’t doing the 100wc long before now!