30wk I Made A Mistake

In my street there’s  is a really ugly postman called Sam but people call him ugly  Sam. One day ugly Sam arrived at my house ”when did it arrive i said while i was sniggering at his face in my head i was saying what an ugly man with long pointy nose and his triangle head ”I said thank you. ” Ugly Sam stared at me very anxiously  he said what’s  funny i said nothing suddenly i smashed the door on his face he stated banging on the door that was the day i made an enemy.

WEK30:when did it all end

FORTNITE… The game that took over kids teenagers and even adluts the world needs to look around to see what they have done. It s like a  earthquake  and on the background music it’s the best day ever song epic games developt the game by a few days moilions of players . By 2 months 20 moilions played fortnite I ordered V-bucks is the currency for fortnite I did when did it arrive I said it’s basically like save the world. You gotta kill the husks build sheild,s wait were do we pick off if u play the game your not coming back in the real world but. When did  it all end!





WK:30 The time paintbrush

I was at home reading a book as my mum told me to come downstairs. I said what happened now my mum said a delivery came when did it arrive I said? My mum told me the story there was a knock on the door your dad opened it a strange man said this parcel was for you I said ok. The next day I opened it . It was a boring paintbrush my mom and dad were going to a party my childminder Jen had to take care of in the night we heard glass break. Downstairs we took weapons I took my paintbrush and we attacked my paintbrush glowed and said say go back in time and I changed time!!!!!

Detective Busby

One cold night in April 1964. I Jim Busby detective I was sent by the the Police to find out something in bay 21 in Cork City, it sound like someting fishy was going on, so I get to bay 21 and there is a big cargo ship there it said imports from England. so I go in and I see this man waking alone and we stared talking.  I said hello there sir ,I have one question when did it arrive I said he said it came two days late I said what is it he said I dont know I open the box it was a bomb

Wk 30 the mystery box

It all started when my brother Jake got a box in the mail. I knew something was up because he didn’t order anything. Jake had to order off my credit card because he didn’t have one. ‘When did it arrive?’  I said suspiciously. Jake didn’t even now what was in the box our mum called us and said we had to go. We actually forgot about the box for a while after that. Months had passed and then we remembered about it. But when we opened the box it was the scariest thing we had ever seen.

WK30 The Raft

This is a very old story. So old, there there were boats made out of wood but let’s not get into that right now let’s get into the survival of this wooden ship catastrophe. One night when this wooden ship crashed, there was one surviver. He started on a small Raft, and began crafting, expanding, he’s Raft. From the wood and leaves he collected from the sea. He couldn’t get far because of the big, fat, hungry shark around him. The shark would keep trying to bite bits of the boat off. But one day there was a real catastrophe of the man falling into the sea, and I won’t say what happened next. But when did it arrive. When did this happen. Well I cannot tell you.

Wk 30: Devastation

I was cycling my bike down the street one day when I suddenly took a sharp turn and fell off my bike, which also landed on me. I got up and saw that it had fallen apart, I was devastated because I had no bike to cycle with my friends. When I got home I told my parents what had happened, they said “we don’t know when we can get you another one”. So I spent the next week walking next to my friends while they cycled. One day when I got home still very sad I saw my parents with a new bike for me  ‘when did it arrive?’ I said .


WK30: The Surprise

It was the 25th of February 2018, a week from my birthday. I invited all my friends and my relatives to my party.

A week later, I woke up then got out of bed. As I came downstairs, I got startled by the sound of “SURPRISE”. Everybody I invited were there to celebrate my birthday.

It was a great party. People gave me presents. We had so much fun.

After the party ended, a package from the post. I saw the package. “When did it arrive ? ” I said to my parents. They said “It came when the party ended”. I opened the package and I saw the new Fifa 19.

The Mystery Ghost…..

One misty midnight.Myself walking down my dads farm by a graveyard.Some of the grave stones broken but one of them scared the lived heck out of me so much that I fell scraping my knee.Then something popped out of an grave something very bright.I quickly ran away but it was on my tail.So I ran to my dad farm he wasn’t there so I hid frantically  breathing heavily.My knee had a crimson from my fall.The mysterious character shouted something scaring me and he said”SON COME AND REVEAL YOURSELF IM AM YOUR FATHER”he shouted.And it countinued

Wk29 The haunted church

I was going into a church . But i forgot it was well a bit hunted,it was misty and….I bumped in to a BIG grave. I was frantically scared.  But I saw a black figure it had a….a…..a…STAFF!.i was running I was shouted so loud. I ran and ran but the figure it was glowing crimson. There was a grave WITH…MY….NAME ahhhhhhhhhh!  But it was really. My teacher, he gave out to me but will I die here or suffer here ten more hours left I must run now it was like I got followed by the black figure


Crazy Jeffy was so crazy he went to the graveyard and dug up someone’s grave and licked there bones .every body hated crazy Jeff he Jeff was act frantically in school  crazy Jeff. Was makeing bird noses jeff jeff hahahahahahaah. Ur name is Jeff “I’m jeff was craking like a killer my is Jeff  they ran away the ugly bullies ran my name is Jeff hehe . Jeff ran as fast as he his face liked crimson jeff shouted I’m my name is JEFF!!!!!!!!  It became misty jeff looked around I’m jeff. Hi  I’m jeff he shouted I’m jeff  omg jeff

Wk:29 The end of the world or is it

The world was coming to an end because of the soul stealer a girl called zia was running frantically to find some where to hid. From the soul stealer from stealing her soul  but the soul stealer had wings and he was very fast and caught up to zia and stole her soul after he stole zia’s soul the soul stealer shouted with laughter when zia woke up her eyes were misty all she saw was skull person and loads of them having party’s when she got up she saw  a crimson skull and went to the skull she said she had to go back to the earth the skull but she needed the life soul to be continued…..

Wk.29:the explosion from a volcano

once upon a time there was a girl called hannah she was a little girl she was walking along and saw a volcano AHHHHH shouted Hannah a volcano it is going to explode. I’m out of here BANG the volcano exploding. Right.i need to blow this volcano up . Now here we are this is what I need a rocket launcher  BANG there is fire works YES I say to my self right bang it is exploding oh no bang I’m out of here I’m not dieing from this volcano I’m out of here frantically  it was misty for some reason  I’m going home I saw graves where  people go in she went home.





Wk 29 Prison break

It was a cold misty day in Philadelphia. There was a huge prison being built. When it was finished they brought one million prisoners in. One day a prison called Misty was walking down a crimson pathway to there cell. Misty shouted so loudly at other prisoners the guards ran frantically to stop them. It turns out it was actually a signal to the other prisoners to escape. Misty then opened up some of the cells. The gaurds were in grave danger. A group of helicopters came in and almost all of the prisoners escaped in the helicopters.

The Dream!!!

Hi my name is Damien and I had the worst dream…. about my teacher it was a pretty bad dream so I went to my friends house turns out,it’s a haunted house after all the so we went out to the back and I saw a grave stone and it was really crimson!!! Ekkkkkkkkkk!!! I shouted ahhh I saw mice running around the grave stone I began to run around frantically my eyes were mist I nearly started to cry hmmmm wonder why ooo I saw my teacher hahaha the best dream ever!!

29:The worst place on earth

When I was at the worst place in the world.It was misty nothing to be seen.I frantically ran for my life so I would be late.When I went into my class my checks were the brightest crimson you ever seen.All the kids shouted I will prefer that this place was hell.I thought that I was in grave danger and I thought that I was also dreaming but I was not.I awake in a chair in fort of a table with people around me I was terrified.My teacher looked like the devil because he gives us to much homework.So I know I was in school.

Wk29 the man that ate to much jellof

one day there was a man and he was mashed in the head. He was thick. And by thick I mean fat and stupid. He was an olodo rabata. He made no sence. He came  up to me one day and started . He said to me would you slap me for a million. I slapped him and I said I sould slap u for free foolish boy . He called his mommy and her name was mommy OJO. She chased me and said don’t u dare touch my son again. Oloshi. I said back to her well to much jellof it runes ure brain. She could never catch me so she went back to her car.

Wk29 The crimson mist

It was a normal night. The street was silent. Everybody was asleep. Well except for me. I was up,watching all the seasons of the flash. Suddenly a crimson colour mist appeared outside. Then I heard a man and woman,  screaming,”help!” I went outside  to see a man, with big cat eyes, and he said “how could you”, “Why?”. He’s eyes went misty. The mist disappeared with a grave that said,”R.I.P Misty, always will be loved and never forgotten, Misty Dextersom”. The women screaming stoped. I frantically ran into my house, and never ever, saw that man again.But the mist came back. Not once!

the evil mastermind

Hi I’m Roy .I live in a crimson world lots of grave yards .I shouted frantically at my friends to tell them there’s a misty storm on its way . There’s a man that everyone is looking for police to . He was a criminal crazy in fact . And a mastermind infamous man . With 3 kids he’s on a steak of murders .he killed vesace at he’s lovely home on the front of his steps . In broad daylight we are trying to find him . He shooted he’s best friends. And is on his way to a different state on the plane he shot hi self

Wk29: The Zombie chase

One time. A dark misty night. No one in sight. A girl with crimson hair was wandering through the graveyard. When she was walking through this dark, spooky graveyard she heard a noise. It sounded like growling. Next minute she turned behind her,  there was a zombie that popped out of a grave, she shouted. She started frantically running, running and running till she was out of the graveyard. The girl with the crimson hair was on the news, and said she will always remember this day. Now all the zombies have been extinct, and this could never happen again.


It was a misty Halloween me and my friends Jhon Kean and Jake went trick or treating. We came  up to a creepy graveyard and behind it the most  frightening house in the neighbourhood  of mr Burke. Mr Burke lived in the old house of mr Cunningham his grave was in the graveyard we walked up to the house to get are delicious treats. There was a please take one bucket and We got pushed in by emm I don’t know what but we ended in the crimson red hallway. We frantically ran for the door. We shouted as loud as we could what is that ahhhhhhhhhh ………

Wk:29 The Special Potion

One friday evening a crazy scientist created something that emitted poison that was very misty. It’s was supposed to increase your strength, but the side effect was death. This thing was then called a potion. After you drink it in the next 10 days parts of your body become crimson red. It would spread across your body and kill you. The first victim of it called Kyle shouted help me in the first 9 days. He was frantically jumping around like a fish. When he died they took him to a special grave. His family misses him a lot. Maybe the scientist is targeting someone else now?

WK29 Stupid hero

There once was a man called Dave he had a cat which was crimson red due to a disease called red atitis. When Dave was he kid he always wanted to be a superhero he forgot that tho. But one day his brother Larry found his drawing that he drew when he was a kid. When he did he shouted NO WAY! So what he did was he made the suit that he drew and called himself Paper Bag Man or pbm. And one day he tried to save a women who was getting robbed so he jumped in and he was in grave danger but it was misty so he was searching frantically and he got beat up so he is now instead of super hero he’s a stupid hero.

WK:29The scary graveyard

Once there was 2 boys who were playing thruth or dare.Jim and Tom were there names Jim dared Tom to go to a graveyard at night so Tom dodger. He wour a crimson jumper  and black jeans.So the boys went to the graveyard they thought they saw a ghost I shouted frantically that I saw the devils grave we ran back home  but it was misty.They still played truth or dare but promised not to get into the same dare that they got into lastnight but the dares were small they were imbarrassted and laughed together and never went. To that graveyard again

WK 29 The spooky grave

I frantically ran trying to outrun the strange figure.I shouted hoping someone would hear me through the thick crimson misty graveyard.Suddenly the strange figure appeared hovering over a grave.He had a jet black face torn robes and a strange grin.Why did this have to happen on my birthday.I started to run again somehow beating this deadly being.Suddenly I got my leg caught on a bramble thorn.I thought “this is my end im doomed”.The strange figure hovered over me. “CUT” the director shouted as i failed to say anything during the scene “do it all again but try and put more character into it”.Well I guess it’s time for take 2

Week 29 were is jim

RUN RUN shouted Jim, RUN. I ran as fast as I could, Jim who I will never see ever again . It was a misty night I could not see down the street, I got home sacred and terrifed . The next day the sky was crimson red I went out looking for Jim . At 11:00 am I looked  where me Jim and I were last night, he was not in there. At 1:00 I go to Jims house, no one was there at 5:00 I gave up. I went to the graveyard  to  see my grandad and as I was walking to the car I looked over to the gave and I heard a cry for help and I frantically legged it…to be continued



WK29 Creppy Harry

One creepy and misty night I went to the grave stone of mad harry they say if you say his 5 times and he will come back to life. I shouted his name 5 times in a flash an explosion he was standing there shaking acting m mad he started following me I stared running frantically he grab my hand and crimson stared dripping from his mouth. He pulled me trying to put me in his grave I was crying saying stop but he wouldn’t let go he hit me with a shovel and put me in his grave and no won new I was gone.

WK:29 african espionage

Day one,a day you’ll never forget,is a cruel crimson dungeon such as doing something small and unaffective like when you shouted’hey whats up’to your friend and a afro headed woman who looks like a pig  did her make up comes and slaps you with a cane in the bum.I ran frantically to find the quickest misty thing to ware out the pain,nothing did,.You see when an african espionage teacher or parent gives you an enchanted slap its like your already at your grave but you have not arrived yet. And the worst thing is they know where to hit you because they have this kind of espionage sense. so beware.

Wk29 the grave

It was a cold wet misty night when Steve was going to his grandmothers grave. He brought here coin but he dropped it and worried. He was looking around frantically when he turned around he saw a man with a crimson mask. He was so scared he shouted as loud as he could but no one heard him he was being chased by the person. He ran as fast as he could but he wasn’t making progress. He stopped and looked at the person the person was starting to mask off when they it was his grandmother 

Wk 29; Hide and Seek

It was a cold and misty night.   Me and my brother Jack were playing hide and seek because we thought it would be scary.   I started on, I had to count to 60.  We began at our house.    When 60 was up I started looking for him.   I searched frantically for him and could not find him, then I realized I have not looked in the graveyard yet, when I got there one grave really stood out and it was my brothers name , date of birth  and when he died which was when I finished counting .   When I got home on the halls wall it said in crimson red,  YOUR NEXT.      NOOOOO!!! I shouted