Week 4 the alien

One night there was a crash but it was not a planeIt was a ufo! An alien crawled out . He stood up and said into his device bing bong . The sun was coming over the hill . He heard people climbing the mountain he hid. They found him and when they found him he took out a lazer gun .the people put up there hands he put the gun down and said bing bing bong . It means, fix my ship now, . Good thing they had an alien translator. They Said to the alien we can help. They did not fix it so when it just wouldn’t take off he ran away

wk4 the stooping train

So once there was a train there was 150 people on it it was going from Galway to Dublin the train journey was going to take 4 hours the train was just leaving But it just wouldn’t take of . But somehow they left there was mechanical problems on the train so it was delayed 1 hour so they went of 1 hour later and half way to dubln the train shut down on a bridge and everyone were afraid that the train was going to fall into the water but no one on the train was able to swim but the train started to move again and the conductor realised that there was to many peopl

Week 4 Epic Wars

One war day there was a jet taking off when it just wouldn’t take off because it was out off power then there was a giant dinosaur. It was Godzilla. He was about to use an atomic breath. Because he thought it was dangerous. Then there was King Ghidorah the space dragon and Rodan. Then soon Mothra appeared and used her magic powers the explode King Ghidorah and used her wings to make Godzilla use atomic breath on Rodan. Then Mothra went home. And the monsters appeared and bowed Godzilla as king and Godzilla lived happily ever ever ever after

Week 4: Fysh Goes To Space

It was a warm summer day, when Fysh was (again) slapping people with fish… Soon, Fysh’s friend, Fash asked Fysh to go to Space. Fysh loved going to Fishland.. I mean Space. Fysh had made his very own Spaceship (Or Fisherspace) He wore his fishy Space helmet and…. Fash just realised something, Fysh didn’t know about the something.  Fash got some oil to the engine when it just couldn’t take off… Fisherspace wouldn’t take off because of all the fish on board. Fysh and Fash were worried about the fish so they put all of the fish into a big fish tank 🐟.

Week4-The Best Holiday Ever

  1. One day I was going on holidays I woke up all my bags were in the car. We went from Waterford to Dublin. I was going to Bulgaria Sunny Beach. We got on the plane. It was twenty minutes until takeoff we were so excited. 20MINUTES LATER. We heard noises coming from the engine. When it just wouldn’t take off. Soon the pilot said the flight will be canceled until tomorrow everybody on the plane was giving out. The next day we got back on the plane today the plane  took off and we had a great holiday the end

Week 3 Weird Kid

Once there was a lonely boy called Jimbo.He was a weird kid he picked his nose,licked his nose yeah he did everything with his nose.His parents were desperate.He was riding a yellow bicycle he best friend was jimmy he was a rock.One day he went to the shop and walked in an alley a man warned him and 3 masked men greedily took his bag and beet him up jimmy.The rock was in there and Jimbo ran after them but they just walked Jimbo was like a snail.He ran home crying to his dad and his dad did nothing.So Jimbo found a new friend called

Week 3 Vain Barry

Barry was a fit man for his age he was 57.He loved the bicycle he loved the people looking at him cheering him on.he was vain and desperate.he had 7 followers on instagram his wife Mary and his family.but all Barry posted was him doing tricks the police warned him to ride on the yellow lines.Greedily he wanted more followers.it was a early Saturday morning and Barry went out on the bike with his 30 year old phone.He thought there would no traffic so he went out and got rolled over by a truck and his instagram was taking down due to health and safety reasons.

Week 3 The Greedy Boy

One day Josh was on his bicycle along with his friends but a boy,Bobby was desperate for a bike.Bobby’s parents didn’t have a lot of money so they bought Bobby a yellow tricycle.When poor
Bobby rode it everyone laughed at him but Josh felt bad so he asked his parents for money and they said “of course.”And he gave Bobby money for a bike,he greedily spent it on sweets and drinks.Josh was angry but Bobby decided to fight Josh Bobby’s friends warned him and Bobby got beat up by Josh so much he fractured his Ribcage.

Week 3Time To Get A Job


“Dan was walking his yellow bicycle back home from his friend’s house.”Said Dave to all his friends, they were in a circle listening to his story.”He was one block away from the door when he heard footsteps behind him, he turned around but no one was there.Dan looked around and saw a man wearing an executioner mask, he lifted up the mask and smiled greedily at him.Desperate to get away, Dan got on his bike and cycled home.Dan got to the door, turned around and saw a noose hanging on a branch.”Dave warned Danny to be careful.”Haha.”Said Danny.He left and walked his yellow bike home.

Week 3 the little boy was running by Mateo

One day a boy ran a test for school. He was Athletic. He was the fastest in his class and he was a champion in running. One summer holiday when he went to an athletic test he won them all. When he came home his mum saw him crying. He was upset about running because when he was running he took off his yellow socks. The socks were hiding his broken leg. A few months later his leg was better and when the doctor saw his leg he said your leg is fine now you can run and ride your bicycle

Week 3 the Greedy little man by Charlie

One day a greedy little man called Tom was so greedy he stole everything. His favourite thing that he stole was a yellow bicycle. He also stole a volcano! One day the people of the town were tired of Tom taking their stuff so they went to Tom’s volcano and said ” give us our stuff back” Tom said no and he warned the people but they didn’t listen for stop they charged his volcano full stop Tom was getting worried that they were going to lock him up in prison so he ran as fast as light but it was too fast and he fell in the volcano. He was so desperate he begged for his life and he gave all their stuff back

Week 3 Across the Allied Lines by Russell

Verdun, France 1916. Get down! Boom bang! A role of a state houses fell over onto a Renault tank. Bang! The tank blew up charge!!! A couple hundred French troops poured into the long row of shops and houses. Somme, France 1916. I kid on a yellow bicycle Warren’s the British troops in Trench waiting for the German army to attack the town. The kid warned them of a large approaching Force coming with captured tanks! Greedily the captain said “they’re our tanks!” The desperate troops said “let’s go to them!” Argonne Forest, France 1918. “Americans stand up!” The general shouted. bang! A shell blow up a train. Verdun, France 1918. The streets are empty apart from all the rubble. At least the war is over.

Week 3 The Tall Boy by Dylan

One day there was a really tall boy that got a yellow bicycle. But he was too tall for the bike and he was desperate to get a bike the right height. His mum warned him that he was too tall for most bikes. He greedily shouted at his mum. So that set off on an adventure to find a bike that would fit him. He ended up going to Ireland first and then to America and had no luck. The next day they went to Canada and there they found a bike in the end.

Week 3 the fat sister by Luke

One day there was a man who is 27 years old and he had a sister who was 27 tons. His sister went to buy a new bicycle and she went to the Bike Shop she went and got somebody that worked there and she greedily asked for the yellow bike. The man warned her that she was too heavy to go on it but she still sat on it and the bike broke. Desperate she ran out of the shop. It was dinner time and she wanted 10 Big Macs, 200 chicken nuggets, 20 chips, and 5 large cakes! She added 10 tons to her weight!

Week 3 the boy and the Yellow bicycle by Aaron

Once there was a boy that really wanted a bicycle. It was a few months until his birthday but he was desperate to get the bicycle. So we started to save his money and a few weeks later he almost had enough money to buy the yellow bicycle. He begged his parents to give him more money. His parents gave him €2 and he grabbed it greedily. There was one bicycle left in the shop and he really wanted it. But his parents warned him not to ask for more money. A few days later he woke up on his birthday and he went downstairs and there he saw the yellow bicycle. He was so happy and he spent the money he saved on other toys

Week 3 How much is that bike in the window by Max

A big shiny black mongoose 2000 bicycle stood in the shop window. Bill said to himself greedily “I want that bike.” Bill’s mother warned him that if he wanted the bike he would have to save up his entire pocket money. For 12 weeks Bill squirreled away all his money. He had dreams his whole life of owning a mongoose 2000. When Bill finally had enough money he went to the shop desperate to buy the bike but the bike was gone. Bill went home and cried himself to sleep. The next morning there was the mongoose 2000 with a yellow ribbon on it. “Happy Birthday!” laughed Mum.

Week 3 The Greedy Boy by Leon

One bright Saturday morning there was a boy called Sam. Sam was a greedy boy. He said to his mum “you better get me a tablet, Xbox and a bicycle for my birthday.” His birthday was in 2-days. 2 days later he was desperate about getting a bike. He really wanted a bike. He got his bike! He was so so happy. Next day his mum warned him not to lose his bike because it was €800. His bike was yellow. 10 minutes after he lost his bike. He told his mum he blamed his name for buying him such a good bike. His mum bought him a new bike and he greedily took it.

Week 3:I’m rich

One day Cali  was poor but his friend Josh was rich. Josh was still a kid. So he got a yellow bicycle.His bike wouldn’t move. (he had held the brakes.) He greedily took everyone’s bike.Cali warned everyone. Everyone was desperate. When he got to Cali he gave him money. Cali was really confused. Now Cali was rich and Josh was normal again.Josh was bored being rich.He had everything.His “friends”were his friends because he had money.Now he would have real friends and challenges to get stuff he wanted.Cali quikly realized that the hard way.So now this kept on happening.Someone didn’t realize.His name was Jordi.So now it stopped.Cali and Josh became friends.


Week 3 The Empire

In a village on the edge of a dense jungle in Africa the villlagers were terrified.They were terrified that the soldiers of the British Empire would come back and kill them.They were desparate. But they had warned them.In the thick jungle the soldiers were creeping up on the village.”Are we killing them this time?”one of them asked.”No were just stealing there tea plant and that yellow stuff.” “Wheat”the first one said.Then they attacked the village.They greedily stole their crops.A boy on a bicycle tried to stop the soldiers so the killed him.Then they left.

Week3 Jacks big yellow cat

One day jack woke up to go to school but he couldn’t his really fat cat called banana (because he’s yellow) Was laying on his chest. After an hour or so his cat got off him. After Jack had. Had his breakfast he walked to school because his cat ate his bicycle.after jack left banana slowly pulled himself toward the fridge desperately to get a choco bar. After he FINALLY got a choco bar he ate it greedily then he remembered Jacks warning to not eat his choco bar then jack came home. And jack saw the wrapping and said you shouldn’t have done that in a deep voice

Week3: The mountain adventure

Once there was a man that loved extreme sport. The man was warned that he might die. But he never listened “You are just jealous “He would say. He bought a bicycle and went to a mountain with his friend. There was a jump the man wanted to do but his friend said to not. But the desperate man jumped but he fell and died. His friend greedily took the bike and painted it yellow so no one would know. A couple days later they found the body of the dead man and in a couple days later they caught the friend of the man and arrested him.

Week 3 The boy and the bicycle

Once a pon a time there was a boy that was desperate to buy a yellow bicycle for him self.So he can go to school by bike because he was tired was walk half a mile every day.And because he was tired of hearing he mom saying ‘’I warned you never talk to strangers’’ everyday. So the bike that the boy whated was 150euro.And he rasied 100euro so he got really close and really greedily so one day a man drop 50euro and the boy stole the money but what he didn’t know that was he’s dad so after he bought the bike he got grounded.

Week 3 Robot Ape vs Apocalypse

In the year 1962. There was an island called skull island. And another island called monster land. On skull island there was a giant ape called Robot Ape. And on Monster land there was Apocalypse. One day in Tokyo in Japan it was a lovely day in the yellow sun. And a man was riding a bicycle. He was warned because there was traffic. It was kind of desperate about this traffic. Then there was a boy eating chocolate greedily. Then Apocalypse and Robot Ape tumbled right into the ocean but Apocalypse survived and went back to monster land happily now.

Week 3: The Noob That Loves Fish

Once upon a time there was a yellow noob named Fysh. Fysh loved eating and smacking people with fish. Once he got warned (because he was smacking people with fish) by the PoPo (Police Police). He was desperate about that. After, Fysh went on his fishy bicycle and called it the “fisheghini” I know it’s a stupid name but after he went to McFishys to get a Fish burger and fish chips. He greedily asked for more fish until he was fat as a fish. Fysh went to ride on his fisheghini but he couldn’t because he was as fat as a fish. So he just decided to walk.

Tha End 🐟


Week 3:The Loud Neighbor

One day I woke up because there was a loud noise from next door. So I looked out my window and my neighbor was banging a hammer of a bicycle. So I was desperate for some sleep. So I warned my neighbor to be quiet I am trying to sleep. I kept hearing the loud banging noise so I put my head under my yellow pillow. Then my mam and dad woke up and came into me and said “what is that noise”¿ I said “it’s the neighbor “. Soon my mam and dad went into next door and took the hammer off him greadily Continue reading “Week 3:The Loud Neighbor”

week 3 the bicycle

Once there was a boy he was desperate to get yellow bicycle.one day he wandered into the woods and saw 100 yellow bicycles greedily he took one of them and he greedily said I’ll be back for the rest of them. But the next day he completely forgot about the bicycles  but his mom noticed his yellow bicycle and she said what is that and he said it’s my new bicycle. His mom  said where did you get it he said he found a few  of them in the woods and  he said he might aswell take 1 home.

Week 2:

Once there was to kids called Sam and Carl.They lived in a small town called Powerville.One stormy night Carl rang Sam,they talked about the storm for a while,then everything stopped and a big flash of thunder struck beside Sam’s house.Carl ran over to Sam’s house he saw the mark on the ground and asked Sam what happened.Sam told Carl and he was scared,this never happened before Carl turned around and saw a tall figure standing in front of him Carl ran and ran suddenly he fell.

Week 2 – The Ambush on the Swamp

Ratchet and his brother Salamander were fighting on the side of the Light Bearer.They were fighting against the side of the Death Bringer.Ratchet was small,thin and smart.Salamander was big,tall and strong.Ratchet wielded his machetes and cut into an orc.A Necromancer jumped on him and took him to the ground.Then everything stopped and the world went black.Salamander,on the other hand was wrestling with a Necromancer while an orc punched him over and over.Ratchet got up and ran towards Salamander. “Salamder!”he shouted.He rushed through the battle and got to his dying brother’s side.”Salamander please.”His brother looked at him.Then he said simply.”Avenge me.”

Week 2 Godzilla Final wars

Godzilla was the mutated dinosaur and the king of the monsters. Then One day in a building there was a statue  then a minute later it was coming and it was gigan. Gigan then busted out of the building and used his laser eyes. Then one night a yellow light went to the sky and it was Mothra. The Mothra flew over the ocean then died then for the rest of the day Godzilla fights against multiple of creatures including an up right standing Zilla. Then he and his son head right back to the bottom of the lovely ocean.