Wk2 Boris and the Alligator

Once upon a time there was a guy called Boris,he had a happy life.His family went to the zoo.There were a lot of animals at the zoo.The zookeeper climbed over the cage .The Alligators colour was mauve. That was very tricky very tricky, after that Boris saw the teacher aten the teacher died. That was fun at the zoo.Then we went to a restaurant.In the restaurant there were chocolate logs lemon juice and much more.So I ordered a chocolate log and some orange juice. I enjoyed that. That was the end of the boy Boris.The end.Bye.

Wk2-the Gas mask

Once back in WW2 ,in Aushwitz concentration camp ,there was a teacher named Ms Mauve .She had a pond with an alligator in it.All the Jewish people were sent to a concentration camp.There was a boy named Vladimir.He tried to climb the walls, it was very tricky.One day he got caught and he was put to death by gas.53 years later he woke from the dead.He had a gas mask on him when he woke.He went and killed the kkk because they did the Hitler sign and now anyone that does the Hitler sign they will get killed by Vladimirs ghost.

A Risky Journey. Wk2

Today is the day that my class and our teacher will climb Mount Mauve. The path was really tricky. It had huge holes and big in its way. The mountain was never climbed before and we hopefully will be the first ones to climb Mount Mauve. The Legends say that a fire breathing alligator lives and protects the peak from anyone who tries to claim the peak. Luckily the alligator was sleeping. We all got to the peak and celebrated quietly. The alligator woke up and we had to run down the mountain as fast as we could.

Week2 – The Teacher and the Alligator

Once upon a time there was a teacher who had a pet alligator. One day the teacher got so furious at a student’s work, that when school was over she went home and fed the work to the alligator. The next day at school the student began sobbing that his copy was eaten by an alligator. When the day was over the teacher went home, got into her mauve boots and climbed into the alligator. She knew it would be a tricky task to get the book but she got it and climbed rapidly back out. The next day she gave the copy to the student and he was thrilled.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              The End

Fancy football match wk2

It was one sunny Friday morning and there was a football match on between  tricky tackles vs mauve fc .  And this was to see who wins  the league .and there was a school at the match and the teacher name was Mr Brown and the game had kick off and there was a smuap next football pitch and the ball went into the smuap and one of the players jump into the smuap to get it and there was something in the smuap and it bit him and he sreamed  ahhh there a alligator in the smuap and it bit me and he climed out in pain The End

Week 2 The Teacher with no bum!!!

Once in a land very very close,Boris was debating  whether to bring the baby alligator that he found camping over the weekend to school or to leave him at home. In the end he brought him to school.In class just before break the baby alligator started getting hungry,so the baby alligator climbed out of Boris’s school bag and bit off the the teacher bum!!! The whole class started laughing (especially Boris) and just to put the icing on the cake the teacher was trying to glue his mauve underpants back on his bum. poor old teacher!!!


Week 2 The school tour

It was nice sunny Tuesday morning.The kids were moaning because of what was going to happen. It was there school tour to the reptile zoo. They were looking forward to the zoo just not the bus drive.The bus driver was the WORST.He was a fat ugly farting burping anoying person.Even the teacher hated him but she tried to be polite.Once one of the kids climbed on to the top of the bus it was tricky bout worth it until he fell off that is.the kids made it out alive.they went into the mauve building.The bus driver went in aswell.The children were so tired of him they pushed him into the alligator

The end

Week 2- Jimmy trump

Once upon a time there was a ninja named  Jimmy trump (there is no relation in mauve ugly American president). Many many many years later he decided to show donald whos the real trump . So he climbed trump tower and went in from the top. On 57 floor he so an aligator chillin in a pool with John cena and decided to bring john with him. And on the 21 floor he saw donald trump with a scorpions tale the teacher Labron James. So John cena crawled under the seat and RKO out of nowhere. But it was tricky because donald trump it is so fat

                                                                                    THE END.








WK2-Gator’s Grub

Mr.Principal invited all the teachers (including my teacher Mr.Teacher) to a night out in celebration of a happy new year, at Gator’s Grub. After the meal… Mr.Otherteacher asked, “What is this special steak made out of, my good sir?” “It’s made out of alligator meat,” the waiter  said casually as if it was normal to eat alligator meat. Mrs.Femaleteacher shrieked and broke her glass, spilling juice all over the mauve tablecloth. Therefore everybody started screaming; Mr.Teacher thought to himself,”This is a tricky situation.” So he climbed onto the table and screamed “STOP!!” So he could save himself the embarrassment of screaming teachers. The End

The Toast Killer wk2

One day the teacher went to eat her toast and when she opened her lunch box the Toast was murdered . She called detective alligator he was puzzled  the Toast was in the box so who would kill him. He found a track of mouse underwear’s they lead to the roaf he climbed a ladder then he saw the Killer . The Killer was on the run throwing mouse underwear’s at the decective it was tricky to catch him but the Killer fell and decective alligator fought him it was the teacher all along naughty teacher.


Week 2- Alligator Life

Once upon a time, There was an alligator his name was Jim.His mom and dad where out all the time but this night was weird. He was in bed and when his parents left he sceddadled down stairs, He heard a noise and he looked behind him.IT WAS HIS TEACHER,whit her ugly mauve head he climbed into his press and hid.It was a tricky situation his teacher screamed “COME HERE BRAT” he didnt respond… She opened the press he jumped out and bit her on the hand screamed as loud as she could.In his mouth was a pencil of her own!? To Be continued!!!

Pongo the Alligator wk2

Once upon a time there was an alligator named Pongo.This hurrendous name came from his owner Mr Bongo who worked as a teacher in a school in Florida. Everyday Pongo had to wear a maeve hat, scarf and gloves and Mr Bongo let the students come and see Pongo and they all laughed. Pongo thought about escaping. One idea was to eat Mr Bongo, this backfired because Mr Bongo has a very big bottom and farts all the time. Pongo had to climb over the fence and into the river he jumped. He swam and swam and never wants to see Mr Bongo again.

Hot-dogs wk2

Once upon a time in France there was a hot dog stand called ‘Ali’s dogs’, it’s a tricky business. She has one enemy “MR RUBISH” the teacher . Ali’s hot dogs were disgusting but Mr Rubish’s wasn’t any better. They were MAUVE and tasted like alligator meat. So, once Ali tried to sabotage Mr Rubish’s. She climbed to the top of his stand with a sludge hammer and tried to smash it but it backfired. She was about to smack it but a cop saw “oi you what are you doin”said the cop. “Living” said Ali angrily. “No you’re goin to prison” said the cop. “Why” said Ali, “because I SAID SO !!

The baggete-ageddon wk2

Once there was a man dave who always wanted to be a chef but sucked at cooking. He had a reastraunt called   Baggeti spaggeti. One day all the teachers and alligators climbed on the mauve tables which was tricky for said alligators as no alligator could climb like any teacher could.They started to complain about the bad food so dave came out holding a baggete and began to beat people with the baggete to death and tie them up with spaghetti. Then he put alligator burgers on the special menu and pulled the alligators into the kitchen. Then threw the people outside.

WK30 the crates

It was a late Saturday night I had to clock in to do overtime. A new shipping truck had arrived so we unpacked it. We counted 34 crates after we opened one a strange aroma started polluting from the other crates. We were on crate 13 when we opened the crate it was full of mannequin’s. So we opened another more mannequin’s and every other crate was filled with mannequin’s. I realised we got the wrong truck “when did it arrive” I said as my boss came out laughing it was April first 2am he pranked us we all had a laugh then my boss said so who wants fifty mannequin’s?

Wk29 amayahs party🎉🎉

Last week it was my cousins party. Her name is Amayah . Her party was on in pirates adventure. It was fun.my aunty Kathy was there late. She thought Is was on at 3:00 when it was on at 2:30. When she arrived she was supposed to be the first one there. But she was the last .said to mi mam. When did we leave I said she said 2:15 Kathy dropped to the floor. She missed halve the party. But then we got on with the party. So we cut the cake and sung happy birthday to amayah she was only 2 . we got some cake and went home.

30wk I Made A Mistake

In my street there’s  is a really ugly postman called Sam but people call him ugly  Sam. One day ugly Sam arrived at my house ”when did it arrive i said while i was sniggering at his face in my head i was saying what an ugly man with long pointy nose and his triangle head ”I said thank you. ” Ugly Sam stared at me very anxiously  he said what’s  funny i said nothing suddenly i smashed the door on his face he stated banging on the door that was the day i made an enemy.

WEK30:when did it all end

FORTNITE… The game that took over kids teenagers and even adluts the world needs to look around to see what they have done. It s like a  earthquake  and on the background music it’s the best day ever song epic games developt the game by a few days moilions of players . By 2 months 20 moilions played fortnite I ordered V-bucks is the currency for fortnite I did when did it arrive I said it’s basically like save the world. You gotta kill the husks build sheild,s wait were do we pick off if u play the game your not coming back in the real world but. When did  it all end!





WK:30 The time paintbrush

I was at home reading a book as my mum told me to come downstairs. I said what happened now my mum said a delivery came when did it arrive I said? My mum told me the story there was a knock on the door your dad opened it a strange man said this parcel was for you I said ok. The next day I opened it . It was a boring paintbrush my mom and dad were going to a party my childminder Jen had to take care of in the night we heard glass break. Downstairs we took weapons I took my paintbrush and we attacked my paintbrush glowed and said say go back in time and I changed time!!!!!

Detective Busby

One cold night in April 1964. I Jim Busby detective I was sent by the the Police to find out something in bay 21 in Cork City, it sound like someting fishy was going on, so I get to bay 21 and there is a big cargo ship there it said imports from England. so I go in and I see this man waking alone and we stared talking.  I said hello there sir ,I have one question when did it arrive I said he said it came two days late I said what is it he said I dont know I open the box it was a bomb

Wk 30 the mystery box

It all started when my brother Jake got a box in the mail. I knew something was up because he didn’t order anything. Jake had to order off my credit card because he didn’t have one. ‘When did it arrive?’  I said suspiciously. Jake didn’t even now what was in the box our mum called us and said we had to go. We actually forgot about the box for a while after that. Months had passed and then we remembered about it. But when we opened the box it was the scariest thing we had ever seen.

WK30 The Raft

This is a very old story. So old, there there were boats made out of wood but let’s not get into that right now let’s get into the survival of this wooden ship catastrophe. One night when this wooden ship crashed, there was one surviver. He started on a small Raft, and began crafting, expanding, he’s Raft. From the wood and leaves he collected from the sea. He couldn’t get far because of the big, fat, hungry shark around him. The shark would keep trying to bite bits of the boat off. But one day there was a real catastrophe of the man falling into the sea, and I won’t say what happened next. But when did it arrive. When did this happen. Well I cannot tell you.

Wk 30: Devastation

I was cycling my bike down the street one day when I suddenly took a sharp turn and fell off my bike, which also landed on me. I got up and saw that it had fallen apart, I was devastated because I had no bike to cycle with my friends. When I got home I told my parents what had happened, they said “we don’t know when we can get you another one”. So I spent the next week walking next to my friends while they cycled. One day when I got home still very sad I saw my parents with a new bike for me  ‘when did it arrive?’ I said .


WK30: The Surprise

It was the 25th of February 2018, a week from my birthday. I invited all my friends and my relatives to my party.

A week later, I woke up then got out of bed. As I came downstairs, I got startled by the sound of “SURPRISE”. Everybody I invited were there to celebrate my birthday.

It was a great party. People gave me presents. We had so much fun.

After the party ended, a package from the post. I saw the package. “When did it arrive ? ” I said to my parents. They said “It came when the party ended”. I opened the package and I saw the new Fifa 19.

The Mystery Ghost…..

One misty midnight.Myself walking down my dads farm by a graveyard.Some of the grave stones broken but one of them scared the lived heck out of me so much that I fell scraping my knee.Then something popped out of an grave something very bright.I quickly ran away but it was on my tail.So I ran to my dad farm he wasn’t there so I hid frantically  breathing heavily.My knee had a crimson from my fall.The mysterious character shouted something scaring me and he said”SON COME AND REVEAL YOURSELF IM AM YOUR FATHER”he shouted.And it countinued

Wk29 The haunted church

I was going into a church . But i forgot it was well a bit hunted,it was misty and….I bumped in to a BIG grave. I was frantically scared.  But I saw a black figure it had a….a…..a…STAFF!.i was running I was shouted so loud. I ran and ran but the figure it was glowing crimson. There was a grave WITH…MY….NAME ahhhhhhhhhh!  But it was really. My teacher, he gave out to me but will I die here or suffer here ten more hours left I must run now it was like I got followed by the black figure


Crazy Jeffy was so crazy he went to the graveyard and dug up someone’s grave and licked there bones .every body hated crazy Jeff he Jeff was act frantically in school  crazy Jeff. Was makeing bird noses jeff jeff hahahahahahaah. Ur name is Jeff “I’m jeff was craking like a killer my is Jeff  they ran away the ugly bullies ran my name is Jeff hehe . Jeff ran as fast as he his face liked crimson jeff shouted I’m my name is JEFF!!!!!!!!  It became misty jeff looked around I’m jeff. Hi  I’m jeff he shouted I’m jeff  omg jeff

Wk:29 The end of the world or is it

The world was coming to an end because of the soul stealer a girl called zia was running frantically to find some where to hid. From the soul stealer from stealing her soul  but the soul stealer had wings and he was very fast and caught up to zia and stole her soul after he stole zia’s soul the soul stealer shouted with laughter when zia woke up her eyes were misty all she saw was skull person and loads of them having party’s when she got up she saw  a crimson skull and went to the skull she said she had to go back to the earth the skull but she needed the life soul to be continued…..

Wk.29:the explosion from a volcano

once upon a time there was a girl called hannah she was a little girl she was walking along and saw a volcano AHHHHH shouted Hannah a volcano it is going to explode. I’m out of here BANG the volcano exploding. Right.i need to blow this volcano up . Now here we are this is what I need a rocket launcher  BANG there is fire works YES I say to my self right bang it is exploding oh no bang I’m out of here I’m not dieing from this volcano I’m out of here frantically  it was misty for some reason  I’m going home I saw graves where  people go in she went home.





Wk 29 Prison break

It was a cold misty day in Philadelphia. There was a huge prison being built. When it was finished they brought one million prisoners in. One day a prison called Misty was walking down a crimson pathway to there cell. Misty shouted so loudly at other prisoners the guards ran frantically to stop them. It turns out it was actually a signal to the other prisoners to escape. Misty then opened up some of the cells. The gaurds were in grave danger. A group of helicopters came in and almost all of the prisoners escaped in the helicopters.