Owl Man By Shane

In the  year 3096 there was a superhero called owl man and there were four  supervillians that only come out in spring summer atumn winter.They used the weather against Owl Man . He could barely defend there superpowers but he was a black belt in tae-olw-do so he could turn his head in a 360 spin.And he could turn his body around aswell so the time came.Summer and Winter teamed up.They fought to death owl man ;I looked front and behind ,which way.Summer was infront of me Winter was behind me they came running at me so i 360 kicked them and they were out cold “IM VICTORIOUS”!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 thoughts on “Owl Man By Shane”

  1. You know what, Shane? I think that this is the best story you’ve written this year! It’s a very enjoyable read, and your characters are very original and very clever. Well done on writing such an awesome story!

  2. Hi Shane. This is a great story. You’ve used your imagination really well. I love the idea of Owl man (great name for a guy who can turn his head 360 degrees!). Well done. Impressive story this week.

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