WK15: Order 55

In the beginning we see order 55 in action there in battle against aliens. The aliens are tring to take over earth . I am the leader of order 55  my name is Joshdagon. My mission is to send the aliens back to were they came from. It was noon the weapons were full if slime and we were ready to go. It was a fierce battle, order 55 won the battle and the aliens lost the fight and returned to there home based. However, when I returned to my home base my mother nearly killed me for having slime all over my clothes

7 thoughts on “WK15: Order 55”

  1. Hi Josh I love your story I love the way your mother nearly killed you at the end of the story because you were covered in slime great story keep up the good work

    -Ben Q

  2. Great story Josh I like how you defeated the aliens ? trying to take over the world

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    Time travel
    From Ben C

  3. Hi Josh
    I love the originality of your writing this week, how the prompt inspired your story is great! I also loved the fact that, despite being able to lead your crew to destroy the aliens, you are still at the mercy of your Mum!
    Super writing this week,
    Miss T team 100wc
    Hampshire, England

  4. Hi Josh,
    Great title, straight away I wanted to know who or what is Order 55. I also really like the way you set the scene with first person short sentences. It builds tension quickly with your dramatic statements. Your dramatic tone describing the battle works really well particularly when you contrast it so brilliantly with your last sentence – this brave mission leader being told off by his mum for getting his clothes dirty. Very entertaining writing Josh. I went to see Star Wars the Last Jedi a few weeks ago and and I could definitely see your story as the blue text that scrolls down the screen at the beginning of the film.
    Keep writing,
    Mrs Clare, Team100WC
    Nagoya, Japan.

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