WK6: Ophelia come’s to Ireland

The 16th of October was  the day when Hurricane Ophelia hit Ireland.   It was the worst storm ever in Ireland since 1961.   Met Eireann tracked it from where it formed in the Atlantic Ocean. Through out the storm there were lots of wind, rain,floods and fallen trees. There was a Red Alert for all of Ireland for the day. It was very rare as Ireland never had a Red Alert before.  The storm lasted a full day, it hit the South of Ireland first and went the whole way through the country.  Hopefully Ireland will never get a storm like that again.

5 thoughts on “WK6: Ophelia come’s to Ireland”

  1. Very good story Ben. I like how you put in loads of facts about hurricane Ophilia. Keep up the good work and hopefully get another showcase

    From Ben.C
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  2. Hi Ben Q ,
    I like the way your explanation about the report of Storm Ophelia is Fantastic and I did’nt know some of the facts you wrote. Keep up the amazing work.

    From Fortune in Mr.Russell’s class

  3. Hello Ben Q … Sounds like Storm Ophelia was quite something. It didn’t hit us anywhere near as hard in London where I live. Great piece of factual writing.

    Sherry (Team 100)

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