Olimpics winning by Lennon

Olimpics:Day one bars I was last Max Whithlock was  winning.I was nerous but I suck it up and i won. I got a  16.989 and I thought “well what a start”.Day two PBars.I 1st 1st with a 15.982.Then Laois Smith came up.I won again.I was shocked that I won.And so on.Then the last avent.I got a perfect score.I met Simon Biles I was so happy.I got to met Tom Daley.I started to become a celebrity.The time of my life and then I almost died on a plane but I didn’t die.The fantastic ending the end.Story by Lennon jk by an alien.

5 thoughts on “Olimpics winning by Lennon”

  1. Well done on completing your first 100 Word Challenge Lennon! That was a very eventful couple of days at the Olympics. I’m curous to know how you nearly died on a plane but didn’t – there could be a whole other story about that!! Well done on your story this week!

  2. Hi Lennon. You were a very busy man at the Olympics Sounds like you’d make a fantastic representative for Ireland – with all those medals you won. I’d like to know what happened on that plane though…. Is there a follow up to this wonderful story?

  3. What a busy time you had. I’m glad you were ok after that scare on the plane. That could definitely be your next story.

  4. Hi Lennon.
    I loved your story. I really like the Olympics theme. You must be really talented if you won gold. I love watching the Olympics. Did you watch them? What was your favourite event? I loved lots of them. What happened on the plane that almost killed you? Were you injured? Well done again Lennon. Bye.
    Jack, Mrs. Boyce’s Class.

  5. Wow Lennon, what a great achievement at the Olympics! I can see why you would become a celebrity after winning those gold medals. Thankfully you survived the plane journey home but I am really keen to hear that story. Maybe one for another day?

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