The old tower by Brian

I had heard rumours about this mysterious place. Me and my friends  were going to lavender town to see if the tower really was haunted . When we had arrived a man came over and said that the tower used to be the man’s house and he said”one night I was in my house and I was attacked by a horde of faceless people!” we finally went in and I went first and they locked the door and ran away! So I was all alone in there I heard noise coming from the attic so I went upstairs and suddenly all the lights went out and I heard a scream.I knew that voice,it was mine! I went in and saw………..

2 thoughts on “The old tower by Brian”

  1. What? What did you see?!?! What a super cliffhanger Brian – I’d love to know what you saw in that freaky tower! Keep up the super writing!

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