To own 100wc by Lennon

I’m goimg to tell you a quick story of why I was always last coming out of school. Every day people would be making fun of me because I studied and did extra work in school. But it was for 1 and 1 reason only. I would go in at 7:00 am and come out at 7:30 pm and I would do that constantlyI would go to school on Saturday and Sunday and be there for hours and hours.And it all led up to one thing i was to become the owner of It was  my all time dream so that is why I am always last out at school….

One thought on “To own 100wc by Lennon”

  1. Hi Lennon
    Good story!
    You must really like school if you’re there that long.
    I wonder if you will become the owner?
    By Calum
    Mrs. Boyces Class

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