WK17:Ojo the Idiot

One day me and my friend Ojo where hanging around in his house.We were getting ready for a party.But there was a downside Ojo was dumb and he did’nt have fashion sense he wore red with black.It was nearly nine o’ clock in the evening and Ojo said “Aaa where are we going again?”he said next I said “JESU USE YOUR BRAIN IDIOTIC BABY IGUANA!”So then I decided that I should lie to Ojo and tell him there is no party!So I cycled to the place.”HA the Idiot Ojo Is to DUMB for ME”I said before seeing someone actting like a snake behind me.The  person said “BABY IGUANA HUH SHUT OF YOUR FAT MOUTH IDIOTIC MONGOOSE”.Then I said “Aaa your so dumb YOU CLIMBED MOUTAIN DEW idiot”Then he dissapeared…..

7 thoughts on “WK17:Ojo the Idiot”

  1. Hi Carrington This is a good story . I like the way Ojo is so dumb. This is a amazing story and by the way can you comment on my story called the human snake https://mrrussell.100wc.net/wk17-human-snake/ . Thanks is you did please make good story’s like this story you got here. I hope you get a showcase and we’ll I hope you have a safe and fantastic day. And see you later carrington. P.s this is probably one of your best story’s ever carringtom. (Goodbye dude)

    -Filip,Real flip, Filip.p

  2. Hi Carrington. I loved youre story.
    I loved the way you really described how idiotic he was.

  3. Hi Carrington
    Really great and funny post
    It made me laugh so much
    Does Ojo like baby iguanas?
    From Stephen Ms O Keeffes class

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