The Nuclear lab by Brian

One day me and my friends Ryan and Habib were all going on holidays and we had tickets to go to Austrailia but when we were boarding the plane we accidentally got on one to China, While we were on the plane we started to notice we  were heading for China. Suddenly the plan crashed! we survived and headed off looking for help. And shortly  we came across an old lab we went in gingerly and crept up to the reactor, the slime dripped through, and then it burst! we all got knocked out and a few months later we all got superpowers! I got levitation ryan got x ray vision and Habib turned into a chicken!

One thought on “The Nuclear lab by Brian”

  1. This story has made me laugh. A disaster from start to finish – well definitely for poor Habib but maybe not for you and Ryan! Imagine ending up in China instead of Australia??! Not only that, but then the plane crashes, but at least you survived. I’m not sure which of those Superpowers I’d like to have, but I know I wouldn’t like to be a chicken – surely I’d end up on someone’s table for dinner!

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