niall’s vision by brian

Niall was fast asleep in bed . He was dreaming about a strange restaurant  where they were putting hair in pizza and burgers in the kitchen.When he woke up this morning his brother shane told him they were going to Freddy’s pizza palace  . At the restaurant when they were getting ready to order,Niall had to go to the bathroom ,but he went into the wrong room the kitchen and they WERE REALLY making burgers and pizza with hair!    and at that exact moment he realised that it was no dream .so he told the police and the restaurant got shut down.

4 thoughts on “niall’s vision by brian”

  1. Oh dear, I’m kind of frightened to eat my dinner later with my hair situation now!!!! But seriously, what a brilliant story Brian! You’ve had me in stitches laughing here! I’m glad that the restaurant was shut down – I wouldn’t want to be eating there at all! Super work, well done!

  2. Thank God you got that restaurant shut down. I must say I’m kind of reluctant to order pizza and burgers now. I think I’ll have to change my mind about what I was planning to have for dinner this evening. Well done, this is a great little story!

  3. Yuch! Hair in Pizza and Burgers – The next time I’ll be ordering Pizzas or burgers I’ll find it hard to get this image out of my head. …And who will I be thanking for it -Brian in Mr Russell’s Class!!!
    Well done Brian on a very good 100 word challenge. Keep up the good work.
    Mrs Boyce

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