The Mysterious Bucket Of Marbles And Beeds

One time there was an investigator called Bob,He had a strange mission to go to a mountain that a had strange bucket at the bottom.He got this mission when he was in his hover car driving on the road very odd time but he accepted,anyway that was two days ago and he is going to the HQ Of Investigation now.Bob is at the HQ Of Investigation he fell over someone and left straight away because he was embarrassed .Now bob was on his way to the mountain,so when he got to the mountain he had to check it out it was filled with marbles the strange thing though after he was never seen again……………

6 thoughts on “The Mysterious Bucket Of Marbles And Beeds”

  1. Great story Isaac… I wonder if the reason that Bob was never seen again is that HE was the one who knocked over the mysterious bucket? It would be a good enough reason, looking at the mess that he made! Keep up the great work 🙂

  2. I like the way your story was suspicious and I hope you keep up the work.

    From Fortune in Mr.Russell’s class

  3. Great work Isaac. We loved reading your story here this morning in St.Molua’s NS Ardagh. We are wondering what happened to Bob……

  4. Hi Isaac – I enjoyed reading your story. You set the scene really well by having Bob drive a hover car – great idea for setting the story in the sci/fi genre without using lots of words! I wonder what was in the bucket?

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