My Story by Reyad

There was a boy called Jake he was going to the beach he had no tell her to bring with him to the beach so he said to himself I’ll go to the shop to buy a towel. Before he went to the shop he brought his RPG. As soon as he got to the shop he saw a towel. The material felt like something smooth. The timing was perfect for Jake. When he saw the price he was happy because it only cost €5.50. So he bought the towel and he was so happy that he blew up the shop.

2 thoughts on “My Story by Reyad”

  1. I thought this was going to be a lovely story about a trip to the beach. And it was…. Until Jake’s ‘happiness’ caused him to take drastic action. If this is what he does when he’s happy, I really wouldn’t like to be around when he’s sad or angry! Next time Jake goes to the beach, I hope he remembers to bring a towel from home. I love Summer days at the beach Reyad – do you?

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