Wk:7 My different life

Hey my name is Carrington some people think i’m a superhero.But I see myself as normal kid(but with superpowers)just being normal!My superpowers can control people and I have laser eyesight! But then an problem occurred an evil tweenage savage which looked like the abomination from The hulk.And it was Angry so much that it dangered kids so much that they stayed inside.So I decided to investigate and BOOM I said he lives in beverly hills.So I went and sneaked in.After that I came to the place as the door slammed, I knew I.Messed.Up!The beast was as huge as a gorilla.So  I stood on my toes and I briefly asked”Who What are you”?He replied saying this”Imm Lizardoooo”he hissed screechchely.To be continued 

4 thoughts on “Wk:7 My different life”

  1. Hi Carrington I love how he can control people and has laser eyesight and I like the name lizardoooo
    By Collins great story
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  2. Hi Carrington,

    A really great piece! This is a really good piece of action writing, especially around the time of the new Thor film. You really capture an old school comic book feel really well. I can relate to this as I have experienced a similar feeling many times. I am a big fan of marvel, so often watch films like Spiderman and the Avengers. The hero you portrayed is similar in that he is brave and very inquisitive. If this is a particular theme you enjoy then I recommend that you watch Marvel films or read the comics! I like the way you use sound in the piece: ‘hissed,’ ‘screechingly.’ It is really effective. I also really like how you end the piece on a cliffhanger, really building up the anticipation – again the ‘to be continued’ plays in with the comic boom theme. Keep up the good work!

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