The Mutant Spiderman by Eoin

One day,Spiderman was helping his friend Ed the scientist when Ed tried to make a mutation potion.Soon later,Ed went on his lunch break and asked Spiderman to continue creating the potion while he was gone.But a while later,Spiderman tripped and spilled the potion!Spiderman than turned into an enormous friendly spider.Later on loads of people were in danger because ISIS attempted to rob a jewellery shop.Spiderman rushed to the jewellery shop,and tons of people saw him climbing a building to try reach the jewllery shop on time.He eventually got there and trapped ISIS (the robbers).And then everyone was safe. THE END

5 thoughts on “The Mutant Spiderman by Eoin”

  1. Thank heavens that Spiderman was still friendly after the potion spille don him – and good on him for stopping the robbers. Lucky he was around! Good work Eoin, well done!

  2. And yet again good old Spiderman saved the day. I’m glad the spider in your story was a friendly one. That made a nice change!

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