Monsters come from the void

One day there was a volcano called Mont Devil,  but nobody really know why its called Mont Devil, because everyone who ever… “N00000! Uncle are you okay?-talk to me please ! ;_; ;_; ;_; – Find out why everyone is disappearing….

Filip 29 years later…- “now i can finish what i started”- Filip and his friends Luke,Noah and Billy went up to Mont Devil,they climbed higher and higher,until they saw scatteredbones every where and more higher they went more bones there was.They got very scared. So what lies ahead of us said Filip .When they reached the top and looked down in to the volcano heart – there was no lava, they just saw a black water ….

to be continued.

Thank you

6 thoughts on “Monsters come from the void”

  1. I liked the part when you said “We have to finish what we started”. And when Fillip and his friends went up the Mount Devil.
    Great work, Keep it up :). By collins

  2. Faustas Cool Story My Fav Bit Is When This Happened NOOOOOO Uncle Are You OK? this story is very cool and amazing!!!


  3. Hi Faustas,
    Well done on completing your first 100-word challenge.
    I enjoyed reading your story.
    Mount Devil seems to be a great name for this volcano.
    But I’d love to know what was happening there. I think you should write a sequel.
    Good work this week.
    Mrs Boyce

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