I love  my dog he’s name was Blaa. He was the best dog in the WORLD . One day me and my dog went for a walk down on the Key in Waterford so we were walking down on the rocks and we saw a boat and my dog went in it I had to follow him.I didn’t know but  the boat was owned by a SKELTON !!.He’s name was Skelton big bones.I was looking for Blaa and as the door slammed, I knew I was in for a rollercoaster ride.I tryed to open the door it was locked how was I meant to get out !! The door knob turned I closed my eyes and in silence I prayed…… to be continued



7 thoughts on “WK7: ME AND MY DOG”

  1. Hi Josh,
    I like the part when you didn’t know the boat was owned by a skeleton and keep up the amazing work.

    From Fortune in Mr.Russell’s class

  2. Hi Josh. What a very festive Halloween themed story you’ve told. I love the name you’ve given to your dog. I guess he’s a real Deise dog? I sure hope you manged to make your escape from ‘Skeleton Big Bones’. I look forward to hearing all about it in Part Two!

  3. Hello Josh,
    Your story sounds as though some personal experience is involved, which is always the basis of a good story. You have included some interesting twists in the story to keep the reader guessing, and a hint of foreboding with a skeleton owning the boat. Your use of a cliffhanger ending helps to keep the reader wondering.
    – Donna Hendry (Team 100 – Albany, Western Australia)

  4. This is really great! Lots of mystery and tension. Watch your spelling and grammar but over all you did a fantastic job!

  5. Hi Josh,

    A really great story! I like the way you use horror elements, especially around Halloween time! The way that you build the suspense by starting the story as more placid is really good. The imagery of the skeleton is really good too. It reminds me of the classic skeletons you see when trick or treating. The use of senses, like hearing the door slam, is really resourceful too. The cliff hanger makes a really powerful ending too. Keep up the good work!

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