Jeffersons Big massive carrot farm -Maksim

Ones in a little city called Mountown was a big massive farm wich only had carrots and a a Family named Jeffersons done it all by them selves. Every day they planted and harvested a carrot making millions of them a year and everyday under mauve tree there was a little pond wich everyday they came to and dropped a penny and made a dream of something and the Jeffersons youngest child ones dreamed of having a steel House incase something bad happened and then he did! in a few years his family was super tearful about and it was about all the carrots turning Red


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  1. I do like to throw pennies into wishing wells too, Maksim – although none of my wishes have ever come true! A mauve tree is a very interesting idea, I’d love to hear more about how it got the colour. Keep up the good work!

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