The Mauve Monkey by Eoin (Prompt in Capital Letters)

One day, in a place called Bananaland, a strange monkey was born.The monkey was actually completely normal, except his skin was MAUVE.The monkey loved playing around, and swinging from branch to branch.But one day, a robot made completely from STEEL, was hiding UNDER the branches, and started attacking everyone. The monkey, not knowing about the powers that he had, ran away extremely hastily.But after hearing voices of anguish, he had a vision. He saw a TEARFUL monkey feed him a magic CARROT, but that was it, and he finally realised he had powers. Then out of nowhere, he used superhuman strength to beat the robot, and kicked him as far as anyone could imagine.


3 thoughts on “The Mauve Monkey by Eoin (Prompt in Capital Letters)”

  1. Great story Eoin. I love the name of your fictitious city – Bananaland! A very appropriate name for a place inhabited by monkeys. You’ve used excellent vocabulary ‘anguish’, vision’ ‘superhuman strength’. The last sentence caught me unawares but it made me laugh!

  2. I love the vocabulary that you’ve used here Eoin, it really makes your stories so enjoyable to read. And this one is super. I felt sorry for the poor monkey until he got his powers. Now I think he might be the most popular monkey! Keep up the awesome work!

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