The Mauve Carrots by Sam

I am a gardener for a very old man, he has an incredible garden and grows lots of different vegetable’s . He collects seeds form all over the world. On his recent visit to Peru he came back with very odd looking seeds indeed. On the packet it said “Mauve Carrots” . I prepared the bed for these seeds Under the old shed, so that they could get lots of sun shine. When they were ready and i pulled them up to my surprise they were Steel, the old man got very Tearful when the last one was pulled up because he knew that was the last of the Mauve Carrots

5 thoughts on “The Mauve Carrots by Sam”

  1. Hello Sam.
    Did you know that purple carrots are actually real.
    I hope the last carrot wasn’t steel.
    What would you of done if the last carrot was steel.
    I would also love to go to Peru.
    Mrs Boyces Class.

  2. I think it’s great the way you used real life information about purple carrots to write your story this week Sam! Steel carrots I’m not so sure about – it might cost a lot of people some teeth! Keep up the good writing!

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