Manchester United vs Manchester City by Jack K

Today may 1st Manchester Manchester United vs Manchester City in Old Traford in 5 minutes it is kick off and the ref blows the whistle and its live United take kick off and Jhan Mata passed it to Whane Rooney he passes to Paul Pogba and he takes a shot at Joe Hart and it manages to go past Joe Hart it to the back of the goal and I tought well what a start  and Man City take kick off and Navas runs past Luke Shaw and crosses it in to Kompany and he headers it at David De Gea in the 90th minute and he saves it and the ref blowsm the final whistle

5 thoughts on “Manchester United vs Manchester City by Jack K”

  1. Well done on completing your first 100 Word Challenge Jack! That sounds like a very exciting game. I don’t have a whole lot of confidence in Joe Hart – he spends too much time washing his hair when you see him in all the ads on TV. Good work this week, well done!

  2. Hi Jack, I have to compliment you on your knowledge of football! I can’t argue with you on anything in this story as I know absolutely nothing about your chosen subject. The one thing I can say is that you’ve created a very exciting atmosphere. I can nearly feel the tension leaping off the page. I think though, you got so excited about this match that you forgot to include the prompt! It doesn’t make any difference to your story though Jack – it’s very exciting… My head is spinning after it. I look forward to reading your future stories.

  3. Phew! That was really hectic. I think you have a career ahead of you as a sports commentator. I really enjoyed this although I’m not a ManU fan. Great writing and keep up the good work.
    Ms O’Keeffe
    Team 100wc

  4. Well, like Avril, I know nothing about football, but your story was very exciting. You made the game sound great and your enthusiasm for football shines through your story.
    Keep up the great work.

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