Man of steel by jj

It was a dark winter night. There was news going around the city that the government were making a new superhero called Man of steel.                        The project was under the command of the Prime Minister called Jacky Chan he had black hair and was good at Kung Fu. The man of steel gets his power from eating carrots and rice. The color of his superhero suit was mauve and the color of his sleeve were orange. There was a little problem his superhero suit was too tight so any time when he bends down it makes him tearful and he was funny .

5 thoughts on “Man of steel by jj”

  1. Do I dare ask WHY bending down makes him tearful JJ or am I better off not knowing! I loved your story this week, it was funny and made great use of the prompt words. Well done!

  2. Great story JJ. Just love superheroes. Why is is suit so tight. Is he a bit overweight or is it secret? Keep it up! Here’s a smiley face for you to make you confident. 🙂

    -Sean Clark

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