Magic World By Raadek

It was sunny morning I went to the Very Big Library for some old books. One of the oldest books was about mauve carrots , if you eat them you will be teleported to the Magic Carrot World. When I looked for old comics I find a “The King under the Servant Order“ so I took that book and start reading. I went to the steel table. When I was on 56th page in it was something happend. That book start teleporting me to the Magic World. It was tearful picture  In Magic World was made of rainbows sweets mauve carrot that was terrible when I passed 100 meters I was back to normal world.

The End

5 thoughts on “Magic World By Raadek”

  1. Hi Radek.
    I loved your story. It was very imaginative. I must have felt very unusual to be teleporting. I wonder how it felt?
    What other things were in the Magic World? Were you glad to be back to the normal world? Or would you have rather stayed in the Magic World?
    Well done again Radek. Here’s the link to my stories in case you’d like to read one.
    Jack, Mrs. Boyce’s Class, Cork.

  2. Hi Radek! I fell enjoyed this story because of how strange but wonderful it was. I don’t know why but the story made me laugh a lot. I wonder why the prince was tearful? It’s strange how the carrots were mauve. I hope to see more amazing work from you Radek!
    Mrs Boyce’s Class

  3. Hi Radek. Your story is really good this week. Your vocabulary is improving all the time. I love the library and go there very regularly. I must keep a look out for that book and maybe I’ll be teleported to teh Magic World too. Well done and I look forward to your next 100 wc.

  4. The Magic World sounds like a very cool place Radek! Although I do like our normal world, so I’m not sure which I’d prefer! Another good effort this week, well done!

  5. Hello Radek.
    I liked your story.
    It reminded me of Bunny Bugs
    How did you felt in that Realm?

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