The Magic Player by Adam

A brilliant player named Lionel Messi came into the footballing world as a young kid who’s dream was to play football/soccer. When he first played for Barcelona he wowed the crowed because of his brilliant foot work. Other players thought  he was very small, but how can something so tiny, compared to other players, run and skill players with such menace. And still today he shows his skill, pace and everything that a player would wish for. He battles for trophies against other good players like Ronaldo. So with a player like that , he has to be in the players hall of fame.

One thought on “The Magic Player by Adam”

  1. Great sporting story Adam. I think a lot of young people love Lionel Messi. I guess the message here is ‘Good goods come in small parcels’… He certainly grew up to be a very talented and famous footballer didn’t he?

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