The Magic Man by Adam

Once there was a Magic Man named Julio. Julio was a very kind man and wanted to help the poor. He saw starving children on the streets and wanted to give them food and everything they needed to live. So since he was magic, he gave all the poor people food, water and a home. But there was one man didn’t get one thing. A magic burger. So the magic man gave him a magic burger and then the man was happy. But he couldn’t give everyone what they wanted. There are still people that are starving in the world and Julio couldn’t help them all. But remember it’s the small things that count.

4 thoughts on “The Magic Man by Adam”

  1. Hi Adam,
    Fantastic story this week. It was truly one of a kind.
    This kind of reminds me of the story ‘The matchstick Girl’. She was a little girl who had a box of matches. It was set around Christmas. She saw all the families together celebrating inside their lovely warm homes while she shivered outside. She used the matches, even though they went out quickly, to keep herself warm.
    Did the magic man travel the world and help other homeless people or did he just help locals?
    Bye. Liam. Mrs Boyces class.

  2. Hi Adam.
    That was an amazing story. Such a sad yet true topic. Homeless people are such a devastating sight to see. Begging for money or some bit of food. Wrapped up in an old blanket. So sad!
    I think that the Magic Man was absolutely amazing and so generous. I love your last line, “But remember it’s the small things that count.”
    That was one of the best stories I have ever read Adam. Well done.
    Here’s the link to all of my stories. Maybe you’d like to read one.
    Bye~Jack, Mrs. Boyce’s Class, Cork

  3. Hi Adam! This was a very interesting story. This has a really good message but “the little things count,” like he fed, housed and basically severed them for their lives. I don’t think that’s small I think it ruins the economy because they jus magically got free stuf that might have cost them hundreds. Soon the government is going to find out and catch you and use you. Anyway great story!
    Mrs Boyce’s Class
    If you want to read and hopefully comment on my stories then here they are!

  4. Hello Adam.
    Your story is actually quite sad even though it is sadly true.
    That man was very nice to help the poor. It is just a shame that there are homeless people.
    Some even die from starvation.
    The last line is so true. It’s the small things that count.
    This story is Amazing and definitely should be noticed.
    I hope more people help the poor.
    Mrs Boyce’s Class

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