The Magic Horse by Adam

Once there was a magic horse named Johnybimblue. He could run as fast as a Bugatti. Thats twohundred and fiffty three miles an hour!! But like any horse, he lives (under) the roof of a nice,warm stable. And like any horse, he eats nice crunchy (carrots). He wore (mauve) armor and a brown saddle. He wore (steel) hooves that give him speed. But his speed ran out. Nothing seemed wrong,until the magic gem was stolen. His enemy Bibleybob stole it. If they wanted to get it back they would have to steal it. They set off,thinking they will get it back but… everyone was (tearful). The horse never got his magic back.

2 thoughts on “The Magic Horse by Adam”

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this story Adam. Everybody likes a magical story and this is a very good one. I love how you describe the horse running as fast a Bugatti (now that IS fast). You did a fantastic job with the prompt words and I also really like how you used the word STEEL and STEAL – in the perfect context. Great work.

  2. How sad that the horse never got his magic back, Adam. But to be able to run as fast as a Bugatti? WOW! That’s fast! Good work this week, well done!

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