Liverpool VS Arsenal by Caedyn

Liverpool vs Arsenal the big day two hours from kick off, in the dressing rooms everyone is stressed out as were missing our best player but wait the new guy Caedyn K our midfielder is going to play. Twenty minutes from kick off and here we go boys. Bang! Liverpool off to a great start already a goal by Caedyn. Boom a goal by Arsenal one all both neck to neck. Wow what is this? Caedyn’s on the ball from the half way line he takes the shot HE SCORES.Yawn Caedyn time for school its 8 o,clock wait look at the news new player for Liverpool Caedyn K!!

2 thoughts on “Liverpool VS Arsenal by Caedyn”

  1. What an amazing dream to have Caedyn! I’m a little old now to play for Arsenal but I’d sure love to step out on to the pitch for a game like that! Good work, well done!

  2. Hi Caedyn, Another football story – and another dream! Well done on this week’s challenge. I’m guessing you’re a big Liverpool Supporter? We have one of those in this house too. I love the little twist in your last sentence too.

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