The Light bulb sweet and a man

Once upon a time lived a very fat man and his wife. They are a happy couple and have this light bulb that brings out sweets. The sweets are very colourful. They taste wonderful and are bursting with flavour! But one time his wife had enough of having a fat husband. She got a hammer and slammed it! Her husband was mad. He quickly got a bucket and legged it! He said “Ha I still have the sweets”. His wife was furious as chased after him like a horse. She was about to stop him but he ate all the sweets. And he was laughing like a donkey.he said “LOL”

7 thoughts on “The Light bulb sweet and a man”

  1. I love the way the man ate the and laughed like a donkey great story Excel.
    Keep it up Excel.

    -Ben Q

  2. Excel like how a fat and his wife have a light bulb ? who brings them colourful sweets ?
    By Collins

  3. Oh Excel…… I LOVED this story! I was laughing the whole way through! A very imaginative and hilarious take on this week’s prompt. Fantastic work, well done!

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