The Legendary Blanket by Caedyn

Once upon a time there were two boys called Tom and Paddy. Their dad told them the story have a legendary blanket up in Mount Greek in one of the caves there are hundreds of caves in Mount Creek. Many people failed trying to find the Legendary blanket but Tom and Paddy wanted that blanket more than anything so they set off to find the Legendary blankets. But they knew which cave it was in because their dad told them the material felt like a unicorns fur. At last they reached the cave. There it was the Legendary blanket sitting on a rock. It was true, it felt fluffy.

10 thoughts on “The Legendary Blanket by Caedyn”

  1. Great story Caedyn. I wonder why you fond it easy to find. It reminds me I fond the bottom jaw of a dinosaur . Adam Mrs. Boyce’s class

  2. Hello Caedyn.
    I loved it i rely licked the way you explained how soft the fur was .
    Hoe long did it take you to find the legendary blancket?
    Loved your story your sincerely Julius Miss Boyces class.

  3. Hi caedyn liked your story this week. I wonder why the boys decided to go searching? What was so special about the blanket? This was a great story and story and I would like to hear more of your stories. Shane C Mrs. Boyces class.

  4. Hi Caedyn
    I loved your story that you wrought write here.
    It kinda reminds me of Harrys cloak.
    What magical power those the blanket hold.
    saint colmans bns.

  5. Hi Caedyn
    Good story!
    The boys were lucky their dad told them where the cave was!
    Were the boys nervous about finding the blanket?
    By Calum
    Mrs.Boyces Class

  6. hi
    relly love your story
    it is so good
    i would like if you could come and comment on my story
    bye jessica cox

  7. Hi Caedyn.
    I loved your story.
    I thought your story had good atmosphere just by reading it.
    I’m glad they finally found the blanket it also sounded very soft.
    Again great story look forward to reading more.
    David 5th class Cork

  8. That blanket sure DOES sound legendary! I’d only love a blanket made from Unicorn Fur. I’d like to know a little bit more about how it felt and what it looked like. What did the boys do with the blankets when they found them? Probably used them on their beds to keep them warm and comfortable at night time! I love the typically Irish names you’ve given to your two main characters -Tom and Paddy.

  9. Well done Caedyn.
    I do love an adventure story.
    I wonder were there any magical powers attached to this Legendary Blanket?
    Keep up the good work.
    Mrs Boyce

  10. Hi Caedyn,
    I loved the way Dad directed the boys to the blanket by saying it felt like unicorn’s fur. What a fantastic way to describe it! How do the boys know what unicorn’s fur feels like? Intriguing! I now want to know what the blanket looked like. What colour was it and indeed, what magical powers did it have? Well done. 🙂

    Mrs Tyler (100wc team)

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