Leah’s dream by Lennon

Leah was eating her dinner and talking to her Mam and Dad . She had   carrots and steel for her dinner. You see Leah was a weird child but she loved carrots. Carrots were her number one piority and her Mam and Dad kept telling  “her one of theses days you are going to become a carrot”. When Leah finished her dinner she went to bed. The next morning came and she was the colour mauve. She felt strange and just like a carrot. She was tearful. She hid under her bed. Then she just woke up and it was all a dream.

4 thoughts on “Leah’s dream by Lennon”

  1. Phew! I was beginning to think she really did eat too many carrots for dinner Lennon! Mind you, in a world where someone would eat steel for dinner, I guess anything is possible. Well done on this week’s stories and it’s a great idea to highlight the prompt words too.

  2. A dream – or a nightmare Lennon?! I’ll bet that Leah was glad that she woke up! Did she keep eating carrots after her strange dream? I hope so as they’re very good for you. Good work, well done!

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