Kevins story

In a since laboratory tests found a dangerous beads But they put it in a lamp In 10 years they accidentally broke the lamp they got suits to protect them used a shrink ray so they could fight them .the beads just got out of the lamp wen they got their it was a big long battle of evil with wanting blood war it was just painful punches they won

Humen will never die

6 thoughts on “Kevins story”

  1. Well done Kevin the loved the battle part and the end human will never die. Keep it up Kevin.

    -Ben Q

  2. Ah you can’t keep those pesky humans down, Kevin! What a great story and use of your imagination. I am glad, though, that the dangerous beads didn’t overrun the planet. Lucky escape for us all! Keep up the good work Kevin!

  3. I like your story Kev but I would like you to write more words anyway KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

    From Fortune in Mr.Russell’s class

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