The journey you’ll never forget

It was April 15th 1912 when the Titanic began it’s great journey.   The captain said “so what lies ahead of us in this vast Atlantic Ocean”.   As they set sail from Cobh, little did they know that a  gaint iceberg was silently waiting for them.  ” Women and children first “yelled the captain as the chaos built all around him.  People  screamed and cried as they made their way to the lifeboats in hope they would be rescued.   The water was beginning to fill up in the ship as the captain watched the madness.   The lifeboats filled up as the band played on.

5 thoughts on “The journey you’ll never forget”

  1. I Like The Way You Are Talking Avout the titanic

    hope you do lots stories as good as this one

    happily -filip

  2. Hi ben loved you story about the titanic I love the bit about the iceberg loved it so much

    Josh ☺

  3. I like the part that the captain watch the madness and I like the part about the big icebrug
    good story
    by collins

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