Johnnys dream by jack k

One day a boy named Johnny was sleeping in his bed and he had a dream that he was going to a shop aldi and he could get any thing he wanted for free forever and he had a think to himself what he wanted and he had an idea so he walked over to the sweets and just as he went to pick up a packet of jellys he woke and he went downstairs to have his breakfast still thinking about his dream and his mam asked him to go and get her milk in aldi and he went there and went to pay for it and the shopkeeper she its free every thing is free.

2 thoughts on “Johnnys dream by jack k”

  1. How cool would it be to have a dream like that and then have the dream turn out to be real! Great idea Jack! You’d have to wonder if everything was free if people would bring things home that they didn’t really need. There’s a topic for another story!! Good work, well done!
    ** Try to remember to include punctuation such as speech marks, full stops, capital letters and/or exclamation marks. That will help to make your story even better!

  2. Hi Jack?. Nice story. If that could happen in reality then it would very cool. It reminded me of the Amazing World of Gumball. Do you think that would happen in Black Friday then it be very good for everybody.

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