WK10: Jim and Ryan the robbers

One day I was walking to the shop. I got a big shock. The shop was getting robbed. Jim and Ryan the robbers were stealing all the money. The robbers had a gun. I was scared.

2 weeks ago the robbers robbed the bank. But now they didn’t want the money, they wanted the diamond that was worth 100 billion Euro.

“Yes we got it we are the richest men ever” said Ryan. “But where would we hide it all” said Jim. “Just in case we get caught your right. We could hide it in our super base,” sound good let’s hide it now”.

5 thoughts on “WK10: Jim and Ryan the robbers”

  1. Hi Ben I like the way that you picked an robbery story.Keep up the Spectacular stories good work

    Sincerely Carrington Waterford,Ireland

  2. Hi Ben.C. I really like your story because…… It was very scary when they had a gun and they robbed the bank my class blog is msbrennocksclass.100wc.net

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