Jelly Belly By Reyad

Me and my friend were going to on holiday we were going to Spain we were on the plane to Spain.We landed to Spain .We went to our hotel. Next day we went to the beach then we were both hungry so we went to KFC my friend oder so much food after eating he was so fat that he had a jelly belly he jumped high when he landed he casued an earthquake the noise was so loud that a tree fell down on his jelly belly the tree bounced back were it was. My friend was size of an elephant he had the world biggest jelly belly.

One thought on “Jelly Belly By Reyad”

  1. Ha ha Reyad. What a funny story. I think there’s a lesson to be learned here. I’m not a fan of KFC but the two men in this house are. I’ll have to read them this story. Might stop them eating it and getting jelly bellies! Well done.

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