Wk 4: Izzy and the nuts

Once was a dog named Izzy,  Izzy was no ordinary dog, she was a secret agent. Oh and the dog is wearing glasses but they are special glasses they were spy glasses.Izzy was trying to find Doctor Nutty the evil squirrel who lived in a secret bunker under the trees in the park. Doctor Nutty wants to control all the squirrels in the world by stealing all the nuts he can find. Izzy searched everywhere in the park and by using her x ray glasses she found the secret bunker and the millions of nuts that he had stolen. She looked for Doctor Nutty but he was nowhere to be found maybe she can capture him another day?

8 thoughts on “Wk 4: Izzy and the nuts”

  1. I love your story Ben.Q and I like the way your story is about a spy.I hope you do more.

    From Fortune in Mr.Russell’s class

  2. In early with your story Ben – and what a story! I absolutely loved it – the character names are brilliant and it has all the hallmarks of a top class spy story. I wonder will there be a part 2 somewhere down the line? Fantastic work, well done!

  3. Well done Ben I loved your story this week. You have great characters and your descriptions are excellent. When I was in college (a very, very long time ago) I had a professor called Professor Nutty!! So the name Dr Nutty really make me laugh!
    Great work.
    Ms Brennock

  4. Really great story Ben! I absolutely loved the storyline of the secret agent dog trying to stop evil Doctor Nutty from stealing all the other squirrels nuts-what an interesting and clever way of including the dog wearing glasses! Very well done!

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