Ireland v Slovenia by Eoin

I went to the Waterford Regional Sports Centre {RSC} to watch Ireland against Slovenia in an Under 21s European Qualifier one day with my Uncle,Dad,sister and cousin.A while after we arrived,the game started.At the beginning,Ireland did not get the ball  at all,and I thought “Well,what a start”.Soon later, the referee blew the whistle for half time.The score was 0-0.Ireland had a good first half,but I think we could have done better.Soon later,the second half begun,and Ireland instantly won the ball.I thought we were doing badly but then,in the 87th minute,Ireland scored!And soon later,Sean Maguire scored a penalty in the 92nd minute and we won the game! THE END.

3 thoughts on “Ireland v Slovenia by Eoin”

  1. Well done on completing your first 100 Word Challenge story Eoin! You’ve used some super words in there to make your story even more interesting. I’d say you were all jumping for joy when Ireland scored the two late goals. Sometimes, winning the game right at the death makes it all the more enjoyable! Really great work, well done Eoin!

  2. Hi Eoin. You’ve described a great game here. I can sense the excitement. No doubt there was a lot of cheering and very happy fans when Ireland scored those two final goals. Well done on your use of the prompt. I like how you sounded full of dismay when there was no goal from Ireland and this was relayed in your almost sarcastic comment “well what a start”. It may have been a poor start but it was a mighty finish!

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