WK7: I escape a MEGLADON

I day at the sea side I was walking around and then I saw a sign saying “SHARK CATCHING FOR JUNIORS”. I entered and before I got in the submarine my mom said to me “good luck”. I got in the submarine and looked out of a window of the submarine. There was a massive fish thing coming out. The captain said “who wants to go catch that fish?”. I said “I want to”. I got a scuba tank and swam towards the massive fish. But it wasnt a fish…IT WAS A SHARK!! A megladon. As the door slammed,I knew i was alone. I slammed the door open and I was still alive.PHEW! The End

5 thoughts on “WK7: I escape a MEGLADON”

  1. Hi Filip great story your very lucky when you got away from a MEGLDON great story keep it up Filip well done.

    -Ben Q

  2. Wow! The description of your shark capture is really exciting and also a bit scary! You have explained the trip very well, i especially like the description of the type of shark it was that you caught.

    Good job

  3. Hi Filip,

    What a brilliant story! This is a really good piece of adventure writing, especially at a time that lots of documentaries are being done about this sort of thing. I can relate to this as I have always wanted to swim with sharks and other sea creatures. Recent studies have shown that although we think sharks are really dangerous, they don’t target humans. I would still be careful though! I like the way you use the exclamation mark in the piece. It is really effective. I also really like how you end the piece with capital letters, really emphasizing the characters relief about the whole thing. Keep up the good work!

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